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January 2014



I see this far too often.  A client of mine listened to a "friend" who told her she should take the washing machine off the main septic system and put it into a French drain (essentially a hole filled with gravel).  The thought was that this would keep water and suds out of the septic tank.

First of all, French drains are illegal.  Second of all, a properly designed and maintained septic system can handle lots of loads of laundry without any problem at all.

Back to my client.  The first couple of loads of wash were uneventful, however, one day she did two loads back-to-back and left the house to run errands after starting the second load. 


When she returned home and saw water running out of the garage door, she knew she had a big problem on her hands.  The French drain could not handle the volume of water so, with nowhere else to go, the water backed up the pipe and overflowed onto the floor.


Between water extraction, mold remediation, interior restoration, damaged furniture replacement, etc., my client's tab for taking advice from someone unqualified to give it cost her over $50,000.  If that isn't bad enough, her insurance company denied the claim because the adjuster noticed that the drainage line had been illegally modified.


Building codes and inspections are there to protect you and provide life safety.  Don't be a victim by listening to the wrong person, only to have a disaster on your hands.  Call me at 561-795-2551 and I'll be happy to answer any construction related questions you may have.



Todd Perry
Leading Edge Homes, Inc.
P.S.  If your washing machine has rubber water supply hoses that are more than 5 years old, replace them because the could burst.  I recommend the stainless steel braided hoses.  They are a much higher quality hose.


Tips to Help Your Four-Legged Furry Friend Coexist in Your Home


There are decorating and remodeling choices you can make to keep your pets' needs and fur in mind.  You can have a beautiful house and a pet too.
  1. Choose floor coverings and fabric colors that matches your pet's fur.  In between cleanings the pet hair will not be so noticeable.
  2. Brush, vacuum, or otherwise clean your pet often.  It is much easier and quicker to clean your pet than your furniture and floors.
  3. Select stain-resistant furniture fabrics.  Forget velvet, it's a pet hair magnet.  Go for synthetic fibers or leather which are much easier to clean.
  4. If your pet sleeps with you, install a stain resistant mattress cover.  Also, choose sheets and a comforter made from stain resistant fabric.
  5. Ceramic tile with sealed grout is a much better flooring choice than carpet.  Carpet absorbs odors, traps pet hair and soaks up inevitable pet-related stains like a sponge.  Also, avoid wood floors to avoid pet nail scratches.
  6. If possible, designate the room next to an exterior door or through which you must travel as an "animal room".  This will give you a place to keep their leash and cleaning supplies.  It will also provide a place where they can't escape from you while you are tending to them.
  7. Keep your pets' toys, and plenty of them, in a decorative basket on the floor.  It will keep the house more tidy and it's much better to have a dog chew on their toy than your furniture.
Two Bedroom Two Bath Addition In Boynton Beach Is Proceeding


Many things have happened on this addition since the permits were issued.  The trees that were in the way have been removed, the underground FP&L lines have been moved, the building pad has been put into place and compacted, the slab forms erected, and the underground plumbing/electric installed.


Once the steel reinforcements shown above are put into place and pass inspection, it will be time to pour concrete and erect the block walls.  Then the homeowner's will start to see how the finished product will look.


Stay tuned next month for progress photos on this project along with photos of another addition under construction in Wellington.


Did you know... ?
I knew the Property Appraiser's office visits properties after a room addition is completed, but did you know they now stop by periodically during construction to determine the percentage of completion?  It seems they want to start assessing higher taxes as soon as possible.  They are also paying visits to homes that have had remodeling performed on them for the same reason.
On A Humorous Note...
The budget must be really tight at the building department if this is who (what?) they are using to make sure building permits are posted on job sites!  This guy may need glasses if he has to get this close to read the small print!
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