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October 2014



I recently performed a total replacement of my mother-in-law's kitchen.  Here's some helpful advice I gave her that you will find eases the stress when you are ready to remodel your kitchen.

  1. Set up a separate, temporary kitchen. If at all possible, move your current refrigerator to another room in the house, where you can still access it.. A spare microwave oven is also a critical appliance.  Be creative with small plug-in appliances that can make life easier during construction, such as a coffee maker or electric skillet.
  2. Find a place in your home to eat.  Most times setting up a card table in the family room does the trick, or go formal and use your dining room.
  3. Invest in paper plates and disposable utensils. You will end up having to wash dishes in a bathroom sink, so it's best to keep a stockpile of disposable plates and utensil handy.
  4. Think about your pets. If your pets are used to having the run of the house, consider how they will be affected when sections of the house are off-limits to them. Above all, ensure their safety.
  5. Get a sketch or design plans beforehand.  Think about how the kitchen is going to work from a functional level. It's also wise to think about where all your current kitchen items and appliances will fit into the new kitchen.
  6. Don't sweat the small stuff.  Don't agonize over the smallest details like hardware and countertop edges. Keep a sense of perspective and don't get hyperfocused and paralyzed by decisions on the smallest details, which cause delays. The point is for all of it to come together beautifully.

When you are ready to be the proud owner of your dream kitchen, know that Leading Edge Homes will be there to help you from start to finish so you can have a gorgeous kitchen just like "Mama's".  Call us at 561-795-2551 to get started!






Todd Perry
Leading Edge Homes, Inc.


Is Your Water Heater More Than 10 Years Old?


New water heater efficiency regulations may cost you big bucks if you're thinking about buying a new water heater and you wait too long.  New government mandates will force manufacturers of gas, electric and oil fired water heaters to increase their efficiency by April 2015.


Meeting the new efficiency ratings will undoubtedly increase the cost of new water heaters, but right now we don't know by how much until the Department of Energy finalizes the regulation.  That's why it might make sense to replace your existing water heater now.


So long as manufacturers, distributors, and dealers have the current heaters is stock, they will be able to be sold.  Once that stock is gone, however, only the new technology heaters will be available.


The most expensive changes coming affect gas water heaters over 55 gallons, but even smaller electric ones will probably be taller and/or wider to accommodate more insulation and therefore may not fit in the current location.  Going with a tankless unit is an option but know that experts estimate they can cost up to 8 times the installed cost of a conventional unit and will take many years of energy savings to break even.

Have You Built Any Cool Additions Lately?  Funny You Should Ask!


I just completed my 8th project in the Binks Estates neighborhood in Wellington.  This job included:

  • Pouring concrete posts and arched beams around the swimming pool with a new screen enclosure
  • A covered patio over an existing outdoor kitchen/bar
  • Two new bedrooms
  • A new cabana bathroom
  • Remodeling an existing bathroom from being a cabana bath to a Jack & Jill bathroom between one new and one existing bedroom
  • Converting another bathroom stall shower to a tub/shower
  • Replacing three sliding glass doors with French doors and side lites
  • Installing a propane tank, fuel lines, and replace the water heater, cooktop, and pool heater with gas units
  • Miscellaneous structural changes

The homeowner got a nice birthday present since the project passed the final building inspection on her special day.  Happy birthday!

 On a personal note... ?
By the time you read this my daughter will have been married for about 16-20 hours.  No, I'm not sad that I am losing a daughter because she will still be living about 15 minutes away.  I am, however, excited to announce that I have a new, official BONUS SON!!! 
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