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March 2014



Every once in a while a very useful product comes along and the one pictured above is one of them.  It's call a U-Socket.

A U-Socket is a duplex AC receptacle with built-in USB ports that can power any device that is capable of being charged via USB, including iPods, iPhones & iPads. You can enjoy the convenience of USB ports built right into the wall.  There is no need for a laptop or AC adapter - just plug in your cable and start charging.

Designed to replace a traditional 3-prong AC wall outlet, U-Socket eliminates the clutter of AC adapters that hang from the wall, stick out & take up space in your home or office. In addition to keeping things neat & organized, U-Socket reduces your energy costs dramatically thanks to its 5-star energy efficient design that auto senses the required wattage & only outputs full power if something is connected to it.

U-Sockets are available in standard (shown above) and Decora styles in three standard colors.  If you want to discover more about these devices or order them, follow the link below:


Click here


If you don't feel comfortable handling the installation yourself, please call me at 561-795-2551 and I'll be happy to refer you to an experienced, licensed, and insured electrician.



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Three of the Latest "Must Have" Kitchen Upgrades


Whether you want to spruce up the kitchen you have or are planning a full kitchen makeover, consider these latest luxury trends:
Why hurt your back filling a large pot over the sink and carrying it to the stove or cooktop when you can install a faucet directly over where the water will be boiled.
Bosch high end dishwashers are so quiet you may not even notice that they are running.  They have a half-load option, are Energy Star compliant, and some even have a built-in water softener and height adjustable upper shelf for convenience.  They are so cool you might even look forward to cleaning up after dinner!
I can hear the gas cooktop fans now... But 9 out of 10 professional cooks use gas and the 10th one is a sushi chef!  These new induction cooktops have precise temperature control and heat up more quickly than gas or electric.  They typically also have a bridge function to combine two cooking zones for use with wide cookware like griddles.
Two Bedroom Two Bath Addition In Boynton Beach Is Proceeding


Since the last update, the concrete slab has been poured, the steel reinforced block walls have been erected, the roof has been installed and dried in, the windows and doors have been fastened into place, and all the interior partitions have been constructed.


The roofing underlayment on this project is not tar paper.  It is a relatively new product from Owens Corning called Weatherlock.  It is self-adhering to the plywood, self-sealing when the shingle nails go through it, it acts as a secondary water barrier, it's part of a comprehensive roofing system that carries a 30 year warranty, and qualifies for discounts with most insurance companies because it is considered a superior roofing product.


If you look closely at the window openings you will see what appears to be bands.  That is actually masonry wall sealant/water proofing.  It is part of a four part process we use at Leading Edge Homes to ensure no water gets past the windows or doors.


This week the rough HVAC system, plumbing, and electric will be installed.  Before long drywall will be hung.


Stay tuned next month for more progress photos.



Did you know... ?
If you need to reroof your house, the house was built before 1988, and the structure is valued at over $300,000 by the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser, you will be obligated to spend up to 15% of the reroof cost to strengthen the roof to better resist hurricane force winds.  These improvements include gable end bracing and roof truss (or joist) to wall connections to name a few. 
It's all to avoid you being the owner of a house like the one above.  If you would like your roof evaluated before disaster strikes, please call the office at 561-795-2551 to schedule an appointment.
Do You Need a Referral For Professional Services?  
Many of you know that I am a member of a business referral group.  If you are looking for a pre-qualified, experienced professional in the fields of pest control, accountant, financial advisor, banking, radio advertising, home/auto insurance, website design, personal injury law, boat sales, Realtor, health care plans, title work/closings and more, please contact me at 561-795-2551.  I love to help my clients and associates solve their problems and fill their needs by putting them in contact with trusted providers.
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