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Below is an excerpt from our article on legislative developments that became effective in 2020. This year, there were a number of important developments. Please contact us if you have any comments or questions with which we can assist.
Norma J. Williams, Esq.

Several significant California laws became effective on Jan. 1, 2020 (unless otherwise indicated). A major initiative became eligible for the November 2020 ballot.

Statewide Rent Control

The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 establishes rent increase limitations and eviction procedures for certain tenancies. Containing numerous detailed provisions and exemptions, major provisions limit annual rent increases on all properties more than 15 years old that are not regulated by more restrictive local rent control measures. Retroactive to March 15, 2019, annual rent increases are limited to the lower of 5% plus the rate of inflation or 10%. Rents may be re-set to market when a unit becomes vacant. Effective January 1, 2020, the law also establishes "just cause" eviction policies as to certain tenancies of greater than 12 months. Among other things, the eviction provisions require specified relocation assistance for "no fault" evictions. The legislation sunsets on Jan. 1, 2030.

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