2nd Quarter Newsletter 


 A Message from the Executive Director

I hope the weather continues to warm up and everyone can get outside to enjoy some spring time activities.
I've asked our Wellness Center providers to designate someone to help educate and encourage our members to use SmartShopper.  Members can get help locating the best price for quality service by calling a SmartShopper Personal Assistant and asking them to help you find the appropriate location for your upcoming procedure.  I know sometimes members may forget SmartShopper is available or think it too cumbersome, and we need the Wellness Centers to help our members and the Trust save money.  I hope this service will help our members understand just how easy it is.  It's as simple as picking up the phone and making a call.
I also hope many of you will be using the wellness coaches at the various Wellness Centers.  The coaches can offer great support and suggestions on how to improve your health. Those who have already used the coaches have had great things to say.  If you believe you could benefit from this service, please seek out the coach at your Wellness Center to start the conversation. 
Just a reminder that our members make up the Trust.  Every dollar saved and every dollar spent has a direct impact on our financial stability.  Continue to be diligent in making intelligent healthcare decisions.  Would it be wiser to go to the Wellness Center, primary care doctor or urgent care rather than going to the emergency room?  Is there a generic prescription available at a lower cost, rather than the brand name prescription you're currently using?  Did you remember to use SmartShopper prior to having a procedure done?  We have had pretty good claims experience and hope it continues for the remainder of the year.  We will be looking at our rates for next year at our July board meeting.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions concerning the Trust. 
We will be holding our Annual Leonard Orr Golf Outing on July 25th at The Ravines Golf Course in West Lafayette.  Lunch will be served at noon with a 1:00 tee time.  Please contact me for additional information.  



Preventive care is designed to help you stay healthy, and is covered with $0 out-of-pocket when you see a network provider.

Costs may be incurred for diagnostic care based on plan coverage.

Preventive Care
Preventive care includes routine well exams, screenings, 
and immunizations intended to  prevent or avoid illness or other health problems.  
  • No symptoms, illness, or history prompting the screening
  • Would be done in accordance with age and gender guidelines

Diagnostic Care
Diagnostic care includes care or treatment when you have 
symptoms or risk factors and your doctor wants to diagnose them.
  • Symptoms require further diagnosis
  • Previous abnormal test results prompt earlier or more frequent screenings
  • Previous abnormal test results prompt rescreening
Claims are paid based on the procedure and diagnosis codes submitted.  These codes indicate if it's preventive or diagnostic services.


Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug prices are not regulated. The cost of a prescription may differ by more than $100 between pharmacies across the street from each other.  There are various websites that allow you to price a prescription in your area, with some providing coupons or  discount Rx cards.  These sites  gather current prices and discounts to help you find the lowest cost pharmacy for your prescriptions. Do a quick internet search of "discount prescription cards" and a multitude of options will pop up.  Why waste your money on overpriced prescriptions.  Have a "light bulb moment", saving yourself and your employer money by doing a little homework.  If you don't have time to do an internet search, a good place to start is 

Be sure to check the CVS Caremark website at Caremark.com to view the most current version of your drug list, as well as to review your prescription drug benefit information, request mail service orders and research drug information.

Addiction D oesn't Have 
to be a  Life Sentence

You aren't alone in addiction.  Over 25% of patients undergoing long-term opioid therapy struggle with addiction.

If you or a loved one need help with an opioid addiction, please use a lifeline:
  • Talk with your doctor about starting an opioid-free treatment
  • Visit SAMHSA.GOV or call the NATIONAL HELPLINE at 1-800-622-4357 for addiction and treatment resources



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