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I hope all is well and wonderful during these times. I wanted to reach out to you all and share that myself and other religious educators of the UU congregations of Florida are now providing digital spaces for connection and community for all age groups through weekly meetings using the Zoom platform. The group is called Florida Zuum.

  • Spark (0-7) Sundays at 3p
  • Ignite (7-12) Sundays at 7p
  • Burn (13-18) Saturdays at 7p

Different RE Directors and youth join in on the conversation, saying hello, sharing joys & concerns, together, in this safe environment. All facilitators are mandatory reporters. For passwords and meeting IDs, simply respond to this email.

I hope to see some of UU St. Pete's RE present! Stay safe and Be Well :)
Religious Education Virtual Classes K-12th
Calendar Connections
Celebrating 50 Years of
Earth Day
Earth Day 2020 Message from Elandria Williams and Aly...

As we head into a jam-packed week for the 50th Earth Day and 3-day global climate strike 4/22-24th, here is a video message from our UUA co-moderator Elandria Williams and UUMFE program director Aly Tharp, shared in a Multi-Faith Earth Day...

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Ramadan (Islam)
April 23rd- May 23rd
Ramadan is a month of fasting taking place in the ninth month to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran . It's a stories tradition with a rich history that has many facets, these are the the top 10 facts about Ramadan.

It means something different to every one of us , but universally is special to all of us. So we asked people from different segments of our beautifully diverse community to tell us what Ramadan means to them.

Over a Billion people come together each year for 30 days to fast this Holy month - but Ramadan means much more than just fasting. What does Ramadan mean to you?
How can you acknowledge your super heroes in your day-to-day? Perhaps flowers? A Salute? Explore what you can do!
National Super Hero Day -
(April 28th)
National Superhero Day was created by Marvel Comics employees in 1995 and has since become a worldwide day of celebration for all things superhero. Here are 20 ways that you can celebrate the day. Most of these activities can (and should) be implemented any day of the year…with or without the cape... Read More
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Life Sciences at a Social Distance

In this episode of Life Science at a Social Distance we learn about the difference between the soft-shell and box turtle with Martyne LaDuke and Ginger Rehm at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg.
Graduation / 2020 Graduation

Graduates and families of the class of 2020: Pinellas County School Board, are committed to ensuring all graduates of the class of 2020 are provided a graduation ceremony that honors the traditions of each school.

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