Religious Education Virtual Classes K-12th
Parents, please watch this video for the month of October.
This month we’re exploring the many ways our UU faith invites us to become “A People of Deep Listening.” Deep listening brings us into the realm of compassion. Deep listening points out the importance of listening to your heart. Our sessions are centered around four listening lessons or invitations our faith makes. It invites and calls us

Remembrance Sharing Ritual Talking Points and Takeaways:

Let’s share and listen to some stories from each other.

Activity: Invite your children to find photos or memorabilia which reminds them of someone (or some being, a pet, for instance) who has died. One by one, each child shares their photo or memorabilia and a short description of who they are missing. Share what they meant to them or something that person or pet has done that will live on-explain that the wisdom and memories that outlive a person, or a pet, are their legacy. 
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