Religious Education Virtual Classes K-12th
Parents, please watch this video for the month of October.
This month we’re exploring the many ways our UU faith invites us to become “A People of Deep Listening.” Deep listening brings us into the realm of compassion. Deep listening points out the importance of listening to your heart. Our sessions are centered around four listening lessons or invitations our faith makes. It invites and calls us

Introducing the Mindful Moment: Learning to listen deeply is important in our anti-racism work. Regardless of our age, a white UU can say things that exclude or hurt the feelings of a BIPOC person. When a BIPOC person says, “You hurt my feelings,” a white person might feel defensive and want to argue back or speak AT them rather than listen to them. So if you are white person, you need to learn the practice of taking a pause and deep breath so you can listen better instead defensively responding back. If you are a BIPOC person, it helps to remember to take care of yourself by practicing to pause so you can decide which way of responding will feel safest and best to you.

Either way, learning to pause so we can better listen to others or listen to our own needs is a very important tool. Pausing, reflecting, and moving into silence gives us a moment to catch our breath. This mindfulness exercise teaches children about this “practice of powerful pauses.”
Upcoming UUSP Events
Welcome to our 1st Drive-Thru Trunk or Treat & Food Drive Event at Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg! Join us on Halloween for candies and goodies for the family. Support our cause by also bringing non-perishable foods to be donated to the Southside Food Bridge.

Enter the event from 8th street north & 2nd avenue north and make a right. There will be signs directing you into our new parking lot on your right hand side. Drive slowly through the lot, following the markers, check out our themed vehicles and grab your treats!
Food donations are a must and highly appreciated! Pass them to the first tent upon entry: Social Justice.

Please bring ready to eat nonperishable high protein foods (examples: peanut butter & cheese crackers, tuna, crackers, sardines, fruit cups, protein bars, rice, beans.)

Masks are appreciated if you want to get a closer look at our decorations! Be mindful of social distancing :)

For information, feel free to message this page or call/text 727-487-2112. We can't wait to see you!
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