Religious Education Virtual Classes K-12th
Parents, please watch this video for the month of November.
This month we’re exploring the many ways our UU faith invites us to become
“A People of Healing.”

“May you have happiness. May you be free from suffering.
May you experience joy and ease.”
Pictures from our event!
This past holiday weekends event was a complete success!!
We loaded the Fox's Prius with over 250lbs of foo and were able to donate our love donations to the Friday Night Picnic!!

Delivering over 250lbs of food donations from Drive Thru Trunk or Treat/Food Drive for UUSP Southside Food Bridge program.

”Your efforts are very much appreciated ! Numbers of houseless, food insecure families, homeless in need of food growing everyday.” Faredah (L) “ Gospel Ministries food pantry depends on donations. No gov’t support. We thank you“ With Carla’s management, our monthly donations help feed over 300 regularly on SP Southside.”

Next pickup for Thanksgiving date to be determined. 
Program contact: Virginia Fox.
Kelli DeGraw and Jeanay Johnson spent 4 hours bagging over 75lbs worth of candy for the children and families!

We had over 50 cars and nearly 70 children come to our brand new parking lot!
The Scogna Family came through with two decorated vehicles and 250 bags of candy to donate to families! Way to go!
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Friend Jeanay Johnson here. I am the Religious Education & Communications Coordinator at UUSP. I am also on our Communications Team. We meet every 4th Tuesday of the month.

Thank you to all volunteers that make our UUSP a special place to be.