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REAC to Release Date for Reopening REAC & NSPIRE Inspections

REAC has announced it will be releasing a date for restarting inspection on or about July 15th. Inspectors will be arriving at your properties sometime in September. In a June 18, 2020 National Leased Housing Association Annual Meeting HUD's Deputy Assistant Secretary for REAC, Dave Vargas, gave a slide presentation outlining a detailed plan for starting back to work.

Dubbed the Return Operations (RTO), Vargas explained in a slide presentation  the plan for opening up. The plan includes a method for choosing properties for inspections. Multifamily properties most in need of inspections will targeted first. Properties with existing failing or poor performing previous scores will be the primary focus.

Properties will be chosen based on the following key eligibility criteria:

✓ Property is located in a jurisdiction in a phase of reopening allowing substantial in person commerce (e.g. inside restaurant dining, in-store shopping).

✓ COVID-19 cases in the property’s locality (e.g. city) have been trending downward or remaining flat for a minimum of 14 days. Related public health data (ICU beds) is similarly positive.

✓ There are no known and specific COVID-19 issues (outbreaks) at the PHA or property in question regardless of the locality’s phase of reopening or case trends.

✓ Where applicable within a given radius, HUD FPM or GSA has provided guidance to local HUD employees that they may report to the local office nearest where the property is located.

✓ Air/rail/car travel to and from the property can be achieved with appropriate safety precautions.

Notification Steps REAC will take notify properties they were selected for an inspection:

✓ REAC will post to HUD’s website a list of PHAs and Property Owners/Agents (POAs) that meet all five availability criteria.

✓ REAC will e-mail PHAs and POAs a resumption notice and the list of properties owned/managed that are subject to resumed inspections.

✓ REAC will perform ongoing, regular re-evaluations/validations of the properties that have received proper notice and notify.

PHAs/POAs in writing if the status of the property changes due to updated conditions/data.

✓ Properties still meeting the five criteria at the end of the notice period will be sent a 14-day inspection notice.

✓ REAC will perform a final validation of the criteria two business days before the inspection and inspectors will always have the ability to evaluate conditions after arriving on-site and not conduct the inspection if warranted.

The actual start date would be 30 or more days from July 15, 2020. Inspectors could then call properties to set up an inspection within 14 days. So, expect to be called sometime in September. The Coronovirus will still be around in September and so will REAC, double your trouble!

Vargas's RTO slide presentation is also an advertisement outlining the vast benes for volunteering for NSPIRE. What's not mentioned is that if REAC does not like what it sees during a NSPIRE inspection it will convert to a UPCS inspection with a score. We all know what failing REAC scores mean.

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