The REAC Impossible Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 11, November 2020
Head-Scratcher of the Month
REAC issues FAQ's regarding COVID Inspections

November 13, 2020, REAC issued a list of fifty-six FAQ's regarding Conducting REAC Inspections of Public Housing and Multifamily properties during the COVID National Emergency 2020 which supplements REAC's Notice 2020-01 titled Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inspection Protocol.

It is unclear if these FAQ's supersede, are in addition, or supplement the Questions and Answers for Office of Multifamily Housing Stakeholders issued by the HUD, FHA, Office of Multifamily Housing Programs October 14, 2020.

Of note the new FAQ #38 in the new FAQ's grants appeals extensions for Public Housing properties inspections and not for Multifamily properties. This is a change from the earlier July 16, 2020 FAQs.

Questions #OC33 of the earlier FAQ reads: Is REAC granting an extension of time for filing appeals due to COVID-19? Answer: Yes. REAC will extend the deadline for submission of inspection appeals (Technical Reviews and Database Adjustments), and Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) appeals. That appears to no longer be the case. I've asked REAC if this is in fact the case and am still waiting for an answer.

If it is true that PHAS are allowed leniency, why would not the same curtesy be extended to MF's? Aren't Multifamily properties experiencing the same difficulties with managing under the COIVD National Emergency as Public Housing properties?

The new FAQs also mandate that property personnel wear mask and gloves when a REAC inspector shows up for an inspection. Yet, this is not a requirement in the earlier FAQs. Additionally, REAC has no authority for this kind of mandate. When asked for the authority REAC responded the answer would be in the FAQ's. The FAQ's were issued without the answer.

More about the FAQs and what defects REAC is providing remedial training for its inspectors (having difficulty applying) will be presented in a 60 minute Webinar December 3, 2020 at 1:00PM EST. More info about the Webinar can be found at by searching on Vanderbeek or here.

Hank Vanderbeek
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