March 2021
Celebrating You With Gratitude:
A Year of Working in a Pandemic
This March marks the year anniversary of working in a pandemic. COVID-19 changed everything on every front. Things and words that weren't familiar to us a year ago are now a part of everyday existence - social distancing, face coverings, quarantine, and Zoom - the list goes on.
And yet, with all the changes, you - the early childhood professional - continue to step up and to adjust no matter what the challenge, from adapting to new safety and health measures to managing financial resources. Your commitment to serving Delaware's children and their families is exemplary and recognized by many.
We've dedicated this issue of REACH to acknowledge you and express our gratitude. From state leadership to various DIEEC staff members, we all wanted to applaud your work.  
From DIEEC's Director
We Appreciate You!
Thoughts from the Office of Early Learning
You are Essential!
DIEEC Expresses Thanks
There aren't enough words to express our thanks, but we will continue to try.