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    March 2019
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Credential Update - TECE 1 & 2 CDA
Updated Online Training Options
Previously CollaborN ation, in conjunction with Child Care Aware, offered online CDA training modules that were accepted by Delaware as comparable to TECE 1 & 2.  Those organizations are no longer offering the training.

Instead, there is now an expanded list of approved institutes for TECE 1 & 2 CDA on-line training. A complete explanation of the change is now available on the PD website and can be accessed by clicking here.  Be sure to look for "cdacouncil.org/resources/find-training" at the end of the landing page for the specific vendors that offer training.

Please note that t he Capacity Grant will fund TECE 1 & 2/CDA online training through Smart Horizons, which is one of the vendors on the approved list.  In order to receive this funding, a program must meet eligibility requirements for the Capacity Grant.  

DIEEC-PD set to Host 
 for Advanced Learning
Mark Your Calendar!
Friday, June 21st
9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
501 S. College Avenue
Newark, DE 
We are excited to announce that we are holding a "Mini-Conference" in June for those in the field with extensive education and/or experience.  
The conference will include a morning session with Teri Lawler, a school psychologist and Education Associate for the Office of Innovation and Improvement, who will be presenting on the effects of trauma and toxic stress on learning.  After a lunch break, there will be a Q&A session with Teri and other early childhood mental health professionals, followed by networking and refreshments. By attending the conference, you will receive four quality assured hours.
Stay tuned for more details.

Survey Participants Win Raffale
Congratulations to the following raffle winners.  Be sure to take the survey after your training to qualify to win gift cards.

January 2019
(completed the first survey and won $25.00 gift card to Becker's)
Iris Chavez
Nure Asma

December 2018
(completed the first survey and won $25.00 gift card to Becker's)
Sharon Jennelly
Patricia Stubbs
April Parker
She completed both surveys and won a $50.00 Amazon gift card.

Professional Development Planning
Trainings by County - Printable Versions
The following links will provide you with a hard copy of the calendar by county through May 2019 to facilitate planning for the upcoming months.

Click here for:
New Castle County Offerings Sussex County Offerings

We're Here For You and We Hear You!
Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding Professional Development, whether they are related to credentials, navigating the new website or learning sessions - we're here for you.

Reach out by the 302-831-3239 or by email   Institute-Early-Childhood@udel.edu.

Be sure to l eave as many details as possible so we can be responsive to your needs.   Please allow two business days to respond to your inquiry.

Keep up with our Quality Assured training sessions by following us on Facebook.

Provider Spotlight:  Jennifer's Home Care
A Family Child Care Program Going Strong for 20 Years and Counting!
For more than 20 years,  Jennifer Parker has made her home a center of care and learning for toddlers and preschoolers in Seaford, Del. What's the secret to her longevity? 
"I have a love for children," said Jennifer. "I nurture and make children feel positive about themselves. It's a place for parents to feel comfortable about leaving their children, knowing they are cared for and are in a space that is play-oriented."
Learning through play is the centerpiece of Jennifer's teaching. "I try to think about the child's mindset to anticipate how he or she will react to my teaching," added Jennifer. "For example, if a child is playing with a doll and a friend brings her another one, I use this opportunity to teach a simple math skill - you had one doll and now you have another, what is one plus one?"
Jennifer talks about the evolution of her child care from being a program that was more of a "Mom" environment to one where nurturing and teaching are equal parts. "As I started attending trainings, conferences, and joining provider support groups, I found myself doing more activities and creating learning experiences," said Jennifer. "Then I started including parents in the learning process."
Jennifer has participated in Delaware Stars for seven years and credits Stars for her personal transformation which ultimately has impacted her program for the better.
"Stars helped improve me," said Jennifer.  "When I first started with Stars, I saw myself as quieter, kind of a 'behind the scenes' person. I was not sure if I was doing things the right way, but as I learned, I started to feel more comfortable with who I was as a person and as a teacher. Delaware Stars gave me the confidence to be the provider I am today."
Today, Jennifer's confidence is having an impact in the classroom and in the community. She does child assessments, implements a curriculum, and holds parent conferences. "I've learned how to teach effectively through my Stars experience while keeping my child care homelike," said Jennifer.
Her Delaware Stars Technical Assistant, Lea Attarian, couldn't agree more, "Miss Jennifer runs a loving and fun program. She is always reading and playing with the children. And during outside time, Miss Jennifer joins in the fun by participating in movement games with the children. She is a joy to have on my caseload."

Curriculum & Assessment (C&A) Support
Technical Assistant's Profile - Meet Jen Potts
Jen heads up the Delaware Stars team of Curriculum and Assessment Technical Assistants (C&A TAs). This dedicated team supports program learning environments by focusing on curriculum- and assessment-related quality improvements. 

Jen relates firsthand to programs because of her 25 years of experience in early care and education. She remembers from her classroom experiences the challenges of fitting a "formal curriculum" into the daily happenings of her classroom in a way that felt comfortable and met the needs of her students.

She also recalls the role of mentors and professors who guided her and challenged her teaching practices in order to make the greatest impact with the children in her classroom. As she describes this evolution, "I began as a teacher focused on a lesson plan of activities, to a teacher who began to understand the wide ranging needs of children.   As I grew, so did my understanding of the power of formally observing my kids to guide me in making curriculum decisions when I was planning. Being an intentional teacher helped me to achieve outcomes for my students that were more purposeful."

Now, Jen uses all of this experience in her role with the C&A Team! C&A TAs are available to coach and to support administrators and teachers in their commitment to continuous quality improvement. "A high quality classroom is a result of hard work, constant reflection on best practice, and merging that with the reality in the classroom," Jen concludes.

Stars Resources
Curriculum & Assessment (C&A)
Technical Assistants 
Stars has a team of C&A Technical Assistants that are available to support you in all aspects of curriculum and assessment. 
Contact Jen Potts at 267-438-4042 or at jpotts@udel.edu

Children's Book Week - April 29 - May 5, 2019
Join Us in Celebrating this Literary Event
This year marks the 100th anniversary of Children's Book Week - the longest-running national literacy initiative in our country!  We are inviting you to participate in this event that celebrates reading.

If you're a licensed childcare provider in Delaware, register  here for a guest reader to visit your program and share a story with your children. We will accommodate your schedule!  After the visit, the book will be donated to your library.

Any questions?   Contact Chris Ferrell at 302-831-7354

Capacity Grant:  Application Deadline - Friday, April 12th at noon
Funding Available for Delaware Stars Programs
The Capacity Grant , managed by Children & Families First, provides resources to enhance the quality of early learning programs and to expand the number of quality early child care programs in Delaware. The next deadline to submit an application for the grant is April 12, 2019 by noon .   For questions, contact Andrea Prettyman, capacity grant manager, by email or call 302-233-6475. 

"Power to the Profession": Feedback Wanted
New Draft Available for Comments
"Power to the Profession" is a national collaboration to define the early childhood profession by establishing a unifying framework for career pathways, knowledge and competencies, qualifications, standards and compensation.

There is a new draft available and naeyc is asking for input from the early child care community.  The draft includes the vision for the future of the profession and presents a way to get there with recommendations focused on differentiation pathways, preparation, and compensation.

This  link provides step-by-step instructions for providing feedback.  
Mental Health Website Live
Website Offers Mental Health Resources
Be sure to check out Delaware's new mental health and wellness website here for trusted mental health information and resources for individuals of all ages, including early childhood.

This website is a public service of the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families, Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services and the Mental Health Association in Delaware.  

Spring Activities 
March & April Calendars
It's almost that time when you will be able to get outside more regularly.  Check out the calendars of activities and events for the next couple of months and plan your outings.  Please note more activities have been added to the March calendar.

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