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    September 2018
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September's Professional Development Trainings
Check Out This Month's Schedule!
September - back to school; back to schedules; and back to learning with a professional development plan in early child care.  

We've got you covered with a month full of trainings that are sure to inspire and spark enthusiasm for a great school year.  

September's offering includes:
  • Child Assessment For Teachers: The Power of Practice
  • Integrating the Early Learning Foundation (ELF's) & Daily Experience
  • Cultural Competence
  • Supporting Relationships in Mixed Age Environments
  • Play for Development and Learning
  • Visual Arts
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Child Assessment for Administrators: Polishing the Lens
  • Science Up:  Birds and Bugs
  • Flip It:  Flipping the Challenging Behavior
  • Sing, Dance, and Stomp
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New "Play" Workshop Feedback
Great Buzz for Play Pilot
We are super excited about our new workshop "Play for Development and Learning" that we piloted this summer.  

The feedback from those who attended has been extremely positive.

Here's what your early child care colleagues are saying:

"My perspectives on play changed after the training. I know better about the ways to help the teachers to understand the importance of play and how to make the importance translate into everyday action."
Patti Lynch

"I've gained a lot of insight with this training in understanding the purpose of play, the engagement of play, and how it is a skill.  It is something that children have to learn how to do again. I see so many children today that don't know how to play."
Lisa Morgan

Sign up here for this workshop that also includes quality-assured coaching.  Through the workshop and the coaching you'll learn about guided play techniques and how to link learning outcomes.  The two included coaching sessions will help you implement your newly acquired skills in the classroom.
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Provider Spotlight:  Ministry of Caring
A Star Level 5 Trifecta

The Ministry of Caring Child Care services have a lot to celebrate.  In the last year or so, all three child care centers have received a Star Level 5 designation.  "Il Bambino" led the charge in June of 2017 followed by "Guardian Angel" in July of the same year and then the "Child Care Center" this past May.

"It's been a group effort," said Patti Lynch, curriculum coordinator for Ministry of Caring.  "As a part of Stars, we collectively use the best strategies and then practically implement them in each of our centers."

Each center, located in the inner city neighborhoods of Wilmington, provides quality education, nutritious meals, snacks, and a stable environment to the homeless and working poor.   The facilities are designed and equipped exclusively for children of a specific age range with "Il Bambino" serving the infant population; "Guardian Angel" accepting the toddler through kindergarten ages; and the "Child Care Center" accepting the entire age range, from infants through kindergarten.

Although most of the children served are from less fortunate backgrounds, their days are spent in an environment that is rich in resources.  Each facility is brightly designed with lively places of learning and great outdoor space.  Perhaps the greatest resource are the people that both work and volunteer at the centers.

"We try to provide our staff a day full of empowerment," said Paulette Annane, director of the "Child Care Center."   "Stars has introduced our teachers to wonderful tools to teach more effectively."

In addition to the dedicated staff, volunteers from places such as "Read Aloud" and the Wilmington Senior Center support the children through hands-on activities, exposing them to various crafts and stories.

The centers thrive because of these kind of partnerships.  Another example is "The Secret Garden" managed by the Delaware Center for Horticulture.  This outdoor space is used to grow flowers and vegetables.  Volunteers come in weekly and work with the children in the garden, teaching them about environment and sustainability.

Centers include a campsite for dramatic play.  
September's Calendar 
What's Happening in September!
This month includes both professional outreach opportunities and activities for your center and families.

Click here to see the what's on tap for September.
New Coach's Corner Blog Addresses Self Care
Are you taking care of yourself?
This month can often be one of the busiest months for families and child care providers - everything seems to switch into high gear. 

Often times caregivers are the ones left depleted after taking care of everyone else.  To this end, September has been designated as "Self Care Awareness Month," underscoring the importance of finding time for you.

In her most recent blog post included here , Meghan Pallante, our featured writer in Star's Coach's Corner, provides useful and practical tips for taking care of yourself.

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