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    November 2018
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New Workshop: Connecting Play to Learning 
An Instructor's Perspective
Learn more about "Play for Development Plus" from one of our instructors, Marcie DiGregorio.

Professional Development: Play for Development and Learning PLUS Workshop
Professional Development: Play for Development and Learning PLUS Workshop

Plan Your November Professional Development
Continue to implement your professional development plan by by signing up for November trainings.  

Following is a preview of our offerings: 

Play for Development and Learning

Child Assessment for Administrators:  Polishing the Lens

Child Assessment for Teachers:  The Power of Practice

Science Up:  Birds and Bugs

Interpreting the ASQ3 and ASQ: SE:2

Flip It:  Flipping the Challenging Behavior

Healthy Together:  Teaching Nutrition and Healthy Living to Preschool Children

Positive Behavior:  Building on Children's Strengths

Supporting Sensory Learning:  Infants, Toddlers, and Beyond

Kindergarten Readiness

Visual Arts 

Trainings by County - Printable Versions
Sometimes it's easier to plan by looking at a printed version of a schedule.  

The following links will provide you with hard copy of the calendar by county through February, 2019.

Sussex County Offerings

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Provider Spotlight:  Bellevue Learning Center
Empowering a Community Through Compassion

When you walk into Bellevue Learning Center you immediately feel a sense of connection.  Dr. Tennell Brown, the director of the center, is visiting with a classroom and encouraging a teacher.  In fact, she spends every morning in each of the six classrooms that serve children ages one through five from the Wilmington, Claymont, and Edgmoor communities.  "I'm always rooting for our teachers and our students," said Dr. Brown.  "We are team oriented and rely on compassion and engagement."  

The Bellevue Early Learning Center's team has worked hard and recently earned a Star Level 5 designation - an accomplishment the center is very proud of.  "Stars has brought us best practices that has allowed us to continually improve the quality of our care," said Dr. Brown.  "We view Stars as a partner."

Another hallmark of the care Bellevue offers, is their focus on mindfulness for both their staff and children. One of their favorite activities for students is "glasses."  When a child is anxious or or in a rough spot, he or she simply puts on a pair of glasses.  This symbolizes a time to step away from the activity, sit down, and take deep breaths.  This break allows the student to refocus and self regulate through calming breaths.  There are breaks incorporated throughout the day for teachers to refresh and renew as well.

The powerful connections that happen within the center are also extended to the community.  The Bellevue Community Center hosts events throughout the year which always include the Learning Center's presence and involvement.  The children and their families actively participate in the gatherings.  For example, the students tend to an onsite garden and feature their harvest at a Farmers Market that is included in these events.

"Empowerment, encouragement, and engagement are our keys to teamwork," said Dr. Brown.  "With our focus always on providing quality care to the children we serve."

Delaware First News
Online Application Update
Delaware First thanks you for your patience during the transition to the new online application process.  Significant process has been made, and they are working towards an expected launch date of mid-November.  More details will be provided at that time.  In the meantime, please continue to send  paper applications for persons needing qualification certificates.  

The following resources are available to help with the transition.
We know change is hard. However, once in place, you will be in control of your qualification documents with the ability to:
  • Create/update a personal profile
  • Upload documentation
  • Apply for a qualification online
  • Receive status updates on their applications
  • Receive qualification certificates faster
Updated Delaware Stars Policy Guide
Please find here the updated 2018 Delaware Stars Policy Guide, effective this November.  The guide will also be available on the website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at  delawarestars@udel.edu.
Governor Carney Signs Executive Order, Delaware now Trauma-Informed State
This past month, Governor Carney signed an Executive Order making Delaware a trauma-informed state.  This Order provides direction for the Family Services Cabinet Council to help reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and build resilience in children, adults and communities.

This council will work to identify gaps in available services, or service capacity, along the prevention and early intervention-treatment continuum for children and their caregivers statewide. The members also are charged with developing a comprehensive plan focused on early intervention for children and their caregivers exposed to ACEs in order to help prevent abuse and neglect, and remedy the impact of it.

Finally, the Executive Order also will direct state agencies that provide services for children and adults to integrate trauma-informed best practices, including trauma-specific language in requests for proposals and in service contracts with the state, when appropriate.

National Child Care Teacher Award Nominations Open
Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation Sponsors Early Child Care "Teacher of the Year"
The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2019 child care teacher of the year awards. This award acknowledges the critical role of child care teachers in providing quality early care and education. Child care teachers from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and on U.S. Military bases and installations around the world are invited to apply here.

Fifty teachers win each year with each recipient receiving $500 for the teacher's personal use and up to $500 to implement a project.
Injury Prevention Programs Available From Nemours
Nemours Hospital is offering to come to programs to facilitate parent information sessions and children's presentations on injury prevention.  They will send a resource that can address topics that are outlined on this flyer.  The service is free.

November Calendar 
Mark Your Calendar for Events and Activities
Attached  here is a calendar of activities and events for you and your program.  At this time of year, we are especially grateful for your tireless dedication to improve the quality of care for Delaware's youngest learners.  
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