Looks like a rainbow to me.
Exceptional People
  I’m happy to report that Lower Cape Outreach Council has ramped up our food program and we’re providing groceries to as many as 500 households each week thanks to our eight revolving drive through pantries and our expanded capacity to deliver food to those who are homebound.
We’re blessed to have the exceptional people we need to cope and to serve our clients.

Our Volunteers
April was Volunteer Appreciation Month and, like so many events and celebrations, ours was called off. At no time have our volunteers deserved more love and appreciation than they do right now. 
This April has seen triple the number of clients turning to us for help. In fact, I heard this morning on NPR that 70% of people turning to nonprofits for assistance have never had to do so before.

In addition to our food pantry volunteers, our volunteer advocates are working from home, helping our clients overcome financial problems with rent, heat, Eversource, National Grid, vehicle repairs, vehicle insurance, medical costs and gas. They are a source of immediate assistance and comfort to people who are frightened and need help signing up for SNAP or applying for unemployment or MassHealth.

Our volunteer board of directors plays a vital role in everything we do. They are ambassadors for our organization. They roll up their sleeves and work along side the rest of us. Their contributions are essential.

We are proud of our volunteers, truly exceptional people. They make it all work. As soon as the clouds lift we will have a belated but heart felt Volunteer Celebration.
Gennie and an angel
Our Staff
I also celebrate the exceptional people who work with me. Gennie Moran is on the frontlines every day. Her concern for our clients and our volunteers is remarkable. If you know Gennie , you know she is one of a kind. We’re lucky to have her. She’s worth her weight in gold.

Howard Thomas is a one-of-a-kind guy. He is a warm, funny and hard-working. He feels a personal responsibility to make sure we get truck loads of food from the Greater Boston Food Bank each week and then he delivers to all of our pantries so no one’s shelves are bare.
Yes, that’s a turkey on Howard's head.
Finally, a word or two about Therese Dupree , the person who gets a record number of checks written and mailed every day, keeping our clients breathing easier. She does a lot more than that. She writes our town grants, tweaks our database, makes our deposits and supports the organization’s every effort by providing the precise assistance we need to produce reports, coordinate mailings and make sure our donors know how important they are to our efforts.
I’m not just gushing about our volunteers and staff. The proof is in the pudding. 
I’m so happy to be able to tell you that the members of SCORE Cape Cod and the Islands have chosen Lower Cape Council Nonprofit of the Year !

We have also been awarded a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar. Fewer than 1% of nonprofit organizations have achieved this designation.
It makes me feel like the little engine that could. With no state or federal funding, we have managed to grow and sustain the Lower Cape Outreach Council for over 40 years now. And, it all has to do with individuals, businesses, faith-based organizations, and foundations who believe in the work we do and see the results in our communities.
This pandemic has tested us in so many ways. Our goal has always been to deliver meaningful assistance to our clients in a timely manner. Now more than ever, when people turn to us for help, they need it today, not next week. Thanks to Gennie and Therese and Howard and all our volunteers, we are responsive to every person who needs us.

We have experienced extraordinary generosity and we are pouring over 80 cents of every donated dollar right back into the communities we serve.

If you’ve made a donation, I thank you and hope you’ll stand by us during the difficult weeks and months ahead.

If you want to support us in helping our neighbors, please send a donation to Lower Cape Outreach Council, P.O. Box 665, Orleans MA 02653 or contribute online at www.lcoutreach.org .

Stay well. Stay safe.
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