Consider social exercise to improve mental health

Mental health issues are increasing on a global scale, especially in teenagers. It is estimated 25 percent of teens experience anxiety and at least 20 percent experience depression before adulthood. In response, researchers are focusing on finding activities and lifestyles to promote mental health. From their research, they have discovered those who participate in team sports or social exercise have lower anxiety levels and experience less depression than those who participate in individual sports or no sports at all.

Take Heart for Mental Health
February is American Heart Month. Certainly, when someone has a heart attack, heart surgery or stroke, the immediate concern is physical health. At the same time, research has shown cardiovascular disease can trigger depression and the need for counseling and medication.

(Curriculum covers mental health issues among adults)
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Your child’s overall health is important to us! That’s why all of our physicals are scheduled for 30 minutes, in order to allow enough time to review your child’s health thoroughly and answer all of your questions. Sport physical letters or updated immunization records can be generated at the time of your child’s physical in most cases.

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Community Reach Center has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to promoting total mind and body wellness for all ages for more than 60 years. We do this by recognizing the interplay between mental and physical health and by providing  services and programs  when and where you need them most. As the only CARF accredited mental health provider in Colorado, you can expect top quality treatment and customer service. Community Reach Center can help you or your loved one address any type of mental health concern - including depression and anxiety, grief and loss,  substance use disorder , bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or upset related to a traumatic event. Individual, group, family and couples counseling is available. Take the first step toward becoming a happier, healthier you!  Help starts here.