APRIL 2020
REACH for Wellness Series Update
Good news! To improve your access to the remainder of the 2020 REACH for Wellness Series, presentations will be provided virtually via Facebook live-stream and Zoom.

The June 25th presentation, "How to talk to your kids about body image, gender identity, sexuality, etc." promises to help raise your comfort and confidence with difficulty child/parent conversations...in other words, help you to become an "askable" parent.

Understanding Eating Disorders and How to Help
May 14, 2020 | 8:30-10:30am
Eating Disorders can be confusing to understand and even more complicated to treat. In a culture obsessed with dieting and body image, it’s important to learn about eating disorders so that you are better equipped to support a loved one when their relationship with food becomes disordered and damaging to their mental and physical well-being.

Maintaining Recovery During COVID-19

In the treatment community, it’s said that social isolation is addiction’s worst enemy. Those struggling with substance use disorder may be at heightened risk for relapse during Colorado’s stay-at-home order that has closed gyms, recreation centers, libraries and other facilities that many rely upon as healthy social outlets to safeguard their sobriety.

The Realities of Mental Health Challenges

Everyone has a bad day now and then. When symptoms are intense and present for longer than two weeks, a string of bad days may actually be an emerging mental health concern.

Here is what to watch for:
  • Is the person’s symptoms disrupting their work, ability to carry out daily activities or engage in satisfying relationships?
  • Is it affecting their thinking, emotional state or behavior?

Getting the Care You Need With Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a new reality for all of us. To make it easier to connect with your healthcare team, the federal government has  temporarily expanded telemedicine services  for Medicare beneficiaries to cover virtual visits. Virtual visits currently include various modes of interaction with your healthcare team including video chats and phone calls.

We’ve put together four key tips to help make your telemedicine visit as beneficial as possible:

 What Constitutes a Medical Emergency?

When your child has a minor illness or injury, your pediatrician is the best place to go to get care from a team that knows your family. In the case of a medical emergency, however, your child needs the kind of assistance that paramedics, an emergency room or an urgent care are best suited to provide. But how do you know what constitutes a “medical emergency?”
Keep in mind that if you are unsure about how serious your child’s medical condition is but are concerned that it might be life threatening, a call to 911 is always a good idea. The following guidelines can help give you a sense of what kind of action you need to take.

Community Reach Center has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to promoting total mind and body wellness for all ages for more than 60 years. We do this by recognizing the interplay between mental and physical health and by providing  services and programs  when and where you need them most. As the only CARF accredited mental health provider in Colorado, you can expect top quality treatment and customer service. Community Reach Center can help you or your loved one address any type of mental health concern - including depression and anxiety, grief and loss,  substance use disorder , bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or upset related to a traumatic event. Individual, group, family and couples counseling is available.  Help starts here.