Next REACH is on Tuesday, November 14th
6:30 - 8:00 PM

REACH Update
Halloween & All Saints Day Celebration

We had a great time dressing up.  The kids in their favorite Halloween costumes and all of us as our favorite Saints.  We played games and did crafts to learn more about these special people.

Next Gathering: Our Blessed Mother Mary

Tuesday, November 14th:
As we spend this year learning about Saints and Angels, it is very easy for the children to overlook Mother Mary.  We will spend the night learning about her very special life and the important role she plays in all of our lives.

Volunteers Needed

Come spend some time with us at REACH on November 14th.  Please sign up through the link below or e-mail Michelle at 
Last Chance to Exchange your T-Shirt

All shirts that were purchased at the beginning of the year were defective and we have a new shirt to exchange with you for Free, but our next gathering (11/3) will be your last opportunity to take advantage of this.

If you did not purchase a shirt at the beginning of the year, we do have newly printed shirts available for sale at our next gathering (11/3) for $15

Please bring in your t-shirts!!