HIGHLIGHT: COVID Coalition Roundtable  
On December 12, Maryland Tech Council and US Pharmacopeia (USP) held a roundtable discussion with companies from around the region to discuss the new supply chain risks and constraints working with new and unfamiliar suppliers of raw materials and reagents. 
The discussion provided companies the opportunity to share challenges and learn what tools are available to help them address these issues.  

To be involved in the next roundtable, reach out to Michelle Ferrone: Michelle@mdtechcouncil.com
MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Answering the Call
Dr. Luis M. Branco,
Managing Director and Co-Founder
Throughout their careers, Zalgen team members have battled some of the world’s most infectious and challenging diseases including AIDS, Ebola and Lassa. 
The Zalgen team developed and launched the first rapid diagnostic test for Lassa fever and the first rapid test for Ebola. So, when the pandemic began spreading across the world, the Zalgen team refused to let their deep experience in serious infectious diseases sit idly knowing they could support so many in need of a solution. As a result of their action, Zalgen quickly broadened its focus and began developing a battery of SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) diagnostic tests.

Zalgen’s mission is to eradicate endemic and epidemic diseases that are most overlooked, while pivoting to address global viral pandemics. The Company specializes in the design and production of first-in-class biological molecules critical for the development and commercialization of immunotherapeutics, novel vaccines, and reliable, rapid, and affordable diagnostic platforms targeting viral infectious diseases including SARS CoV-2, Ebola virus (EBOV), and Lassa virus (LASV).

Zalgen proudly established operations in Montgomery County in August 2013. Dr. Luis Branco, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Zalgen shares that he wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else but the BioCapital to call home for his life science company: 

“Although the company was incorporated in New Orleans, we decided to establish operations in Maryland due to the human, technical, and funding resources available to startup companies. The rich history of Maryland biotech, its pool of incredible human talent, shoulder-to-shoulder physical and intellectual resources, and the vibrant economy made choosing Maryland an easy decision.”

This year, the Company launched the first of its new test kits and critical reagents for SARS CoV-2. Zalgen’s extensive product line also includes recombinant antigens, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies (including HuMAbs), and diagnostic test kits for research testing of Lassa, Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses.

For more information on Zalgen, visit: zalgen.com
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