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Good day good folks. Much has happened since Our last update.


Today I'm writing from the great state of New York where I have an awesome opportunity to help with training a camp summer staff at Taconic retreat center.


We're wrapping up a very busy June which includes work on the CQ Missional homefront, as well as assisting in supporting other programs in Tulsa and also outside.


Here are some highlights since we last spoke:


I'm recovering well from an accident that I was involved in back in April. I had a few broken bones from a fall while working at heights and it set me back a bit, but I'm now working full time again and excited to be healing up. I'm thankful to God that my accident wasn't worse. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email if you want to talk more about it. My family was blessed by many friends who helped us with meals and caring conversations during that time when I was laid up. Thanks to all of you for your continued support and friendship on a personal level. I love you guys.


We have people interested in Tulsa Link Year and we look forward to getting the program rolling this Fall. We have developed a really great partnership with

Literacy and Evangelism International, who are providing an awesome living space for our students. We will be able to offer scholarships and are looking for people who are interested in being people who want to say "I was the first group for Tulsa Link Year!" A few have already taken us up on this challenge and we want more people to come who are ready for this. Interested? Give us a call or send us an email to get more info.


We're now working with Tulsa Community College to offer a companion service learning class for our GPS Tulsa experience. This is awesome because all of our GPS Tulsa students can in essence get college credit for their experience, coupled with some academic work. We've also added an end of the semester trip to Colorado. As of now it looks as it looks like we will double our number of GPS Tulsa students from last year. We're very excited to see this grow! It's making a difference in individual lives as well as in the communities in Tulsa. We have expanded GPS Tulsa by accepting high school seniors this year. It will be an awesome experience for seniors to help them discover what life direction they'll choose regarding a major, vocational direction, and just helping the city of Tulsa.




CQ Missional partnered with Garnett Church of Christ by offering their first community day camp in June. 60 children from the East Tulsa community as well as an amazing group of volunteers put on the most awesome day camp East Tulsa has ever seen. (In our humble opinion, anyway.) 


Challenge Quest partnered with us to build a 300 foot double zip line on the property, and it was awesome. PSO/AEP made a great contribution of poles and hardware and Industrial Splicing provided the all important cable. Our hopes are that the Day Camp will create energy for more year-round afterschool programs that GPS Tulsa & Tulsa Link Year students can lead.  

All Smiles!

We just had an excellent strategic meeting with our Board of Directors, which has set the stage for us to finish our application for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status with the IRS (our current status is just with the great state of OK), Create fundraisers to help us meet budget for a $94,000 year, & move toward expansion of our two primary programs: Tulsa Link Year, and GPS Tulsa. Want to know more about our specific direction, give a shout. I look forward to joining any of you at your churches and schools to partner and discover how we can help young adults grow.


Lastly, regarding the support and resources that many of you share with us, we couldn't do this without you.Your contributions have made it possible for me to do this work for the last two years, and I'm humbled. Thank you.  


With that being said, our work has just started. And the potential of impact has barely been tapped. So I ask you each to join me in considering sharing of yourselves in time, resources,and in prayer regarding the good work of CQ Missional. On behalf of our Board of Directors, Beth West, Paula Bearden, Garnett Church of Christ, all of our students and supporters, I just want to communicate to each of you that we're excited about this work and we thank you for your partnership and we look for to doing a whole lot more.



Contact us at for more info, or go to
for more info!  

The Newest from CQ Missional: Tulsa Link Year


Lets say you're getting ready to graduate high school, or perhaps you graduated in the last year or two, and you want to go to a private Christian University like John Brown University....eventually.   


But right now now, you're thinking, "I want to get out there with people and make a difference. I'm not sure I want to jump right into college. I need a year where I can figure it out a bit more, and help people in the process."


So, if this person's parents are saying, "Hey, that's great...but what if there was a way to get some real-life experience serving people, AND get some college under your belt?"   


We have an answer, and it could be the most educational year of your life! 


John Brown Univerisity has asked CQ Missional to provide a program site for their Link Year program. We are one of 3 sites this Fall. Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, and Camp Eagle in Texas are the other two. While we love the idea of students spending a year in a great camp setting, preparing for life, we believe that an urban setting like ours, doing youth ministry internships, taking classes, and helping real people in a real city like Tulsa will be very powerful, and a great investment.


Students will live in community, with hand picked Resident Advisors with a heart for ministry and great experience in helping young people, in a great dorm complex owned by our partners Literacy and Evangelism International. They'll have a safe place to live, great ministries to serve with and learn from, and great classes and discipleship that we will provide. Also, they can get 15 hours of college credit from JBU for the classes we teach, which includes a Spring mission trip to experience another culture.


Want to know more, including our list of guest teachers and speakers? Check out our website at: 


We are so excited to get this rolling. Remember, as a not for profit ministry, students can raise funds toward their fee to us for the year, like they could for a mission trip. (And JBU will work with them for Financial Aid on the tuition part of their fees.)


If you are interested in participating, or assisting a student with their Tulsa Link Year fees, please contact us!


Wanna contribute (or know someone who might):

If you want to give financially- Please send your check to:

CQ Missional
1212 W Albuquerque Pl
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

Or contact Beth at for information on setting up an automated monthly contribution.

**Our biggest need at this time is monthly staff support,
as well as student scholarships**

You can contribute towards:
  • Director Salary (That's me-Chris King) 
  • Beth West's Salary support (Our Program Administrator) 
  • Student Scholarships
  • General Expenses (insurance, accounting, program costs, etc.)

If you want to volunteer your time or services- contact Chris at

If you are, or know of a young adult who we might be able to help through GPS Tulsa, or Tulsa Link Year- shout at us and we would love to meet them!


Chris King
CQ Missional