Influence of Penjing on the Imagination

This concept was introduced in last month's READING ART. Dating back to at least the 1st Century AD, practitioners of Daoist mysticism endeavored to create landscape scenes in miniature - as when seeing human forms in mountains, as in the two pieces below.

Egyptian Onyx, Brick, Mortar, 11 H x 18 x 7.5 inches
It is An Art Form of the Imagination

Part of the beauty of penjing as an art form is that it is an evolving form of expression due to the ways particular artists will experiment. Artists might cut and reshape rocks to embody mountains, as in the sculptures above.

On the left is a mountain shape that has taken the form of a robed man. The face has been suggested. And a temple placed on top - like a hat.

On the right is a mountain made of brick and mortar that somewhat resembles and reflects the shape of the first robed man.

Regardless of how the art form changes in its technical definition, the art aims, as always with Penjing, at seeing the big in the small. 

We just have to use our imagination!!