White Italian Marble, 18 x 18 x 10.5 inches

   "Says Chicken Little:
     The Sky is Falling
     The Sky is Falling
         and a piece of it
   just hit me on the head."
Above excerpt from "Squaring the Circle" by poet, John Campion

What drives folks to want to understand and prove the impossible? to conquer the world? 

This sculpture is titled OGO'S BASKET. The inscription circling it reads, "Squaring the Circle, Ogotemmeli's Plaited Basket Unwinds." Imagine a round basket tied up with a square cloth. When unwrapped and the cloth laid out on the ground, the contents of the basket can be emptied onto the cloth. Like a fortune teller, the person looking at the way the contents have fallen, might possibly conjure up a future, or explain the present. 

This seems as good a way to tell the future as anything else these days. No one expert has definitive answers to all the questions surrounding events in the world. We all want to know what's happening, and why, and how to change the events for the betterment of humankind. But we may as well try to 'square the circle!'

Click here to experience the illusion of Squaring the Circle,
real, surreal, an 'unreal' reality, like other events in our world?

Squaring the Circle

It’s a little-known fact that God’s headgear — 
A magician’s collapsible silk top hat,
When viewed from Earth, from the bottom up — 
Is, sub specie aeternitatis,

A pluperfect halo, both circle and square,
And a premonition of this truth
Spurred on an ancient philosopher,
Anaxagoras, to make numerous vain

Attempts to approximate the circle
Of his concerns with the square of the cell
He was jailed in for impiety.
Doomed calculations which God acknowledged

By doffing then pancaking his topper.
He was still bareheaded millennia later,
When he learned of von Lindemann’s proof that pi
Is not the root of a polynomial

With rational coefficients, hence
Squaring the circle’s impossible.
God un-collapsed, re-donned his hat!
But — it was 1882,

Progress was a juggernaut
And the public had no patience for “proof.”
From below, God’s gesture looked like a signal
For all hat- and cap-wearing men,

Proper in their headgear, for nations,
Well-stocked with helmets for delicate brainwork,
To take up “the compass and straightedge”
And prepare for a singular all-out attack

On this seductive conundrum, so men
Enlisted en masse in Geometry’s army,
Tossing up and away all hats
Of cloth, opaque haloes, hurray!