Juliana Melby '11
For years we have featured a series of articles on our graduates in their final year of high school called Senior Spotlight. It's been rewarding for all to see how successful these young men and women have been regardless of which high school they attend.
Today we introduce a new initiative, called Ready to Make Their Mark, that will focus on our graduates about to complete their undergraduate coursework and ready to join society and make a difference in the workplace, their community, and social circle.
We begin this feature with a look at Juliana Melby '11 who attended Naperville Central High School and will receive her BA degree in Visual Communication, summa cum laude, from Loyola University (Chicago) next month.
Why did you enter this field?
  • I have always been a very visual person. When my first major (Journalism) didn't pan out, my friend suggested I take a class in graphic design and it was an immediate fit. 
Favorite college experiences?
  • My all-time favorite experience was studying abroad in Rome. I lived there for four months and traveled all around Italy and Europe. My favorite trip specifically was when I visited where my grandparents were born.
  • I also enjoyed serving on the Executive Board of my sorority. I made some of my best friends throughout both experiences.
  • At the moment, I am working on my senior capstone project. It will be exhibited in Loyola's museum during graduation and I imagine that will be an amazing experience as well (especially to be done with it). 
Did you have time to get involved in any clubs, groups, service organizations?
  • I played on the club volleyball team on campus for my first two years at school,
  • Have been in a sorority since my freshman year, and
  • Am also involved with the Design Club on campus.
  • I have served on the Executive Board of all three organizations during my time in college. 
Biggest college adjustment which helped you grow as a person?
  • My biggest adjustment in college was living overseas for an extended amount of time. Loyola is relatively close to Naperville, so I could visit my family and friends frequently, but when I moved to Rome it forced me to become more independent and go outside of my comfort zone. 
Is Graduate School in your future?
  • I hope to go to graduate school once I have a couple of years of experience in the working world under my belt.
  • I have been contemplating getting my MFA a lot lately because I think I would enjoy being a teacher later on in my career. 
Did you serve an internship? If so, where and what did you gain from the experience?
  • I have had four internships since being in college and started off working for Loyola's Marketing Department. Working in marketing helped me gain knowledge of the business aspect to graphic design and gave me more independence as a designer since I was the only person in my department that knew the technology.
  • After I came home from Rome, I worked for a company called Equity LifeStyle Properties.
  • Currently, I am interning for Nitel and Jo Chicago Communications.
  • At Jo Chicago I focus more on social media and creating graphics and decks for their clients. Because I am not doing traditional design, I have gained experience in social media which is a necessity for all companies in the world today. 
What do you have to offer an employer that would separate you from other candidates?
  • My experience in many different realms of the design world would hopefully separate me from other candidates, in addition to the leadership positions I have held.
  • So far, I have dabbled in web design, branding, advertising, marketing, public relations, and animation and I think those skills would be beneficial to an employer. 
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April 9, 2019

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