Sofia Melgoza

As colleges begin to confer diplomas on their seniors, we continue our series of Peter and Paul's graduating Class of 2011 who are now Ready to Make Their Mark in society.  

Today we look at Sofia Melgoza of Colgate University who is getting her degree in  Political Science and Spanish; graduating with Latin Honors: Magna Cum Laude and minoring in Education.

Why did you enter this field?
  • From a very young age, I have been passionate about politics. As I became older, I began to understand the complexities of the persistent inequalities in our society. I became interested in pursuing a career in government or law to have the highest level of impact in combating these issues. I felt that majoring in Political Science was the first step to achieving this goal.
  • As a Latina, I felt it was important for me to become fluent in Spanish. I have loved Colgate's Spanish department and have developed a special interest in Spanish short fiction.
    • Fun fact: My former SSPP Spanish teacher, SeƱora Gensler, attended Colgate as well!
Favorite college experiences?
  • During my sophomore year, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Colgate's new president, Brian Casey, for the Colgate Maroon News. President Casey and I talked for over an hour about his past experiences and vision for Colgate's future. The interview was a unique opportunity and one of the most exciting experiences of my college career.
  • I have also worked at Colgate's library all four years and have built strong friendships with my coworkers, many of whom have worked at Colgate for over 30 years. Listening to their stories, sharing my own, and building relationships outside of the student body has been an important part of my time at Colgate.
Biggest college adjustment that helped you grow as a person?
  • Attending a small liberal arts university in a very remote location far from home was not a seamless transition. I quickly had to adapt to my new environment by pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I joined several clubs, Greek Life, and sought mentorship from many of my professors. I met many people and eventually became more comfortable navigating Colgate's campus. Finding my path at Colgate has allowed me to grow both intellectually and personally.
I s Graduate school in your future?
  • I hope to attend graduate school in the next three years. I am considering both law school or a MBA.  
Did you serve an internship? If so, with who and what did you gain from the experience?
  • The past two summers, I interned for 270 Strategies, a mission-driven public engagement and consulting firm. I worked with an array of clients and gained vast knowledge and experience from both my assignments and colleagues.
  • Last spring, I had the opportunity to intern for a semester at the Children's Defense Fund. I created content and led webinars for CDF's fellowship program, while working alongside civil and children's rights activist Marian Wright Edelman. Both internships were invaluable learning opportunities, and I am extremely grateful for Colgate's role in making them possible.
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    Volume 6, No. 45
   May 15, 2019


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