For years we have featured a series of articles on our graduates in their final year of high school called Senior Spotlight. It's been rewarding for all to see how successful these young men and women have been regardless of which high school they attend.
Today we present the second installment of our latest initiative called Ready to Make Their Mark. It focuses on our graduates about to complete their undergraduate coursework and ready to join society and make a difference in the workplace, their community, and social circle.
We continue this feature with a look at Tyler Takahashi who attended Benet Academy and will receive his BA degree in Business Administration from St. Norbert College next month.
Why did you elect to be a business major?
  • This is the field that I was the most interested in coming out of high school and one where I could see myself having a successful career.
Favorite college experiences?
  • Playing football for four years. This allowed me to develop friendships and bonds with people that will last forever.
  • Another experience was the opportunity to enroll in different types of classes because St. Norbert is a liberal arts college. This allowed me to branch out of my comfort zone and take classes I never thought I would be interested in pursuing.
What were some of those electives that St. Norbert offered which helped you grow as a person?
  • I took a course called Environment and Society where we learned about the environment and the effects an increase in population has on it. 
  • Another class was Christian Tradition where we studied the history and beliefs of all different Christians.
  • A third would be European Enlightenment where we were exposed to different philosophical ideologies that shape much of our thinking today.  
Besides playing football, what were some of your other activities outside of the classroom?
  • I also played on intramural basketball teams throughout my years here and was involved in smaller service groups through theology classes.  
What were some of the biggest college adjustments which helped you grow as a person?
  • My biggest college adjustment was time management. It was extremely difficult at first to balance football and class work during my freshman year. As I got older, however, I was able to develop schedules for my week to stay ahead in school work and fulfill all of my football responsibilities as well.
Is Graduate school in your future?
  • Yes, but not immediately. I would like to work for a few years before I attend graduate school and earn my MBA.
Did you serve an internship? If so, where and what did you gain from the experience?
  • Yes, I worked for two summers at HUB International which is an insurance brokerage. I learned how to work in a professional environment and also learned about the entire insurance industry in general.
What do you have to offer an employer that would separate you from other candidates?
  • I have a lot of experience due to my internships and also am a hard worker.
  • I can also manage a high workload because of my experiences of being a student-athlete.
Is there a job opportunity on the horizon?
  • Yes, I currently have a job with HUB International and will start this summer as an Associate Account Manager.
  • I will live at home and commute to their Chicago office until I can find some friends to share an apartment with me.         
Other than either of your parents, who served as a role model for you and why?
  • My football coach Dan McCarty. He was always there for me when I needed help with football, school or just life advice in general. He helped me a lot in my four years and I am very grateful for all that he has done for me.
When I get my first paycheck...
  • I will be saving it right away especially if I do not have to pay my own rent. (Thanks mom and dad).
What would your SSPP friends and teachers be surprised to know about you now?
  • That I played four years of football in college without my dad forcing me.
  • That a lot of people still think Takahashi is a very cool last name.  

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    Volume 6, No. 37
April 16, 2019
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