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Tips on Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs Families
A blog post b y Katherine Carol
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63 days left until we Rock and Roll!

The countdown has begun!  Only 63 more days until our Rock and Roll November 11-13th, 2016 Family Weekend!  If you are planning on attending or volunteering, please make sure you register on our website using the links below.  Get ready to Rock and Roll!

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Families REGISTER HERE (each family member must register) to reserve your spot!  Refer your friends today!

We also need volunteers!
Available opportunities include:

Retreat Weekend Family Serve Team
Retreat Weekend Kitchen Team
Retreat Weekend Set Up and Break Down Team
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you and your family can make a Family Emergency Plan together!

September is National Preparedness Month...

...and the Department of Homeland Security has some awesome resources on their website to help you and your family get prepared for emergencies.  Their theme "Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today," continues again this year with an emphasis on youth, older adults and people with disAbilities. Each week of the month will be a different theme that has some really great resources. Check out all of their resources by clicking on the image above!

September 4-10th - Preparing Family and Friends
September 11-17th - Preparing Through Service
September 18-24th - Individual Preparedness
September 25-30th - Lead up to National Day of Action

Alabama Family Trust featured in Birmingham Parent Magazine

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A child with a disAbility, upon reaching age 18, may be eligible for certain government benefits, including but not limited to, SSI and Medicaid.  These benefits may be critical to provide for a child that cannot work; or, will never be able to work enough to support himself or herself. 
While these benefits may be critical for the child's monthly needs, the child may lose these benefits if parents and family do not properly plan for what will happen to assets when the parents or family members die.   
For example, if a parent's Last Will and Testament leaves assets to the child with a disAbility, those assets will cause the child to lose any government benefits that have strict financial restrictions to qualify (such as SSI and Medicaid).  If a parent or grandparent does not have a Last Will and Testament, state law may give assets to a child and cause the child to lose his or her government benefits. 
Some parents know this and try to avoid the loss of government benefits by giving all assets to a healthy child with the "understanding" that the healthy child will care for his or her sibling with a disAbility.  This method of estate planning is extremely risky because the healthy child can later refuse to care for the sibling, spend the assets on his or her own desires; or, the healthy child might go through a divorce and lose the assets that were supposed to be used for the sibling.  Further, the healthy child might be sued and lose the assets to a court judgment.  In other words, there are many ways the healthy child (or any other family member) might fail to use the parent's assets to care for the child with a disAbility. 
The better way to plan for the child with a disAbility is for parents (and other family members) to include a special needs trust in the parent's Last Will and Testament or in the parent's Living Trust.  A special needs trust can hold the assets for the child with a disAbility without causing the child to lose valuable government benefits.
Alabama Family Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that administers special needs trusts.  We can help parents to ensure that any assets they leave for the child with a disAbility are used in the best way possible for the child while also ensuring the child continues to receive government benefits.  For more information call (205) 313-3915 or visit their website at . 

 Do you have questions about Home and Community-Based Medicaid Waivers?
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Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program has a great document that may help answer some of your questions!  Check it out by clicking the picture above.


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Wishing you and yours a Full Life Ahead!

Tammy Moore
Executive Director
The Full Life Ahead Foundation 


The purpose of The Full Life Ahead Foundation is to positively impact the lives of individuals with disAbilities and their families by helping them create hope, encourage dreams, set expectations and establish an action plan to achieve the fullest possible adult life.  We desire to offer every individual the opportunity to be a productive, contributing member of their community.

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