This Sunday, January 22, 2023

Children's Sunday School meets in the Children's Wing at 9am.

Seminar meets in the Chapel and on Zoom at 9am. Does Instagram Belong in Church? Andrea Stanton, our Sunday Seminar speaker for the next two Sundays, says it’s already there. Her research on “digital religion” analyzes how people engage with digital stuff like Instagram and apps in a religious context. In fact, a combination of online and offline engagement is being used by church communities to impact religious beliefs and practice….everything from prayer apps to online church communities! If you’re curious to know how that happens, you’re invited to come hear what this Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and Digital Religion at DU has to say about it.

Worship is at 10:15am in the Sanctuary and on YouTube. We continue our Spiritual Adventures in the Snow series with "Mountaintop Moments".

Choir Rehearsal in the Sanctuary at 11:30am.

Fellowship Time in the Fellowship Hall following worship.

BYOB2 (Bring Your Own Bible and Beverage), our young (at heart) adult discussion group, meets in the Upper Room at 12:00pm.

REAL talk

Worth the Climb?

While on the beach last week, I wondered why I chose to preach a sermon series on spiritual adventures in the snow. Well, Mother Nature delivered plenty of reasons this past week! Love it or hate it, we all have to face it in Colorado. My husband, who is the family photographer and took both of the photos here, sent me a meme once that said, "If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life, but the same amount of snow." Now, THAT was REAL talk!

Watching it through a window is one thing, but what's the draw to get out in it? I was not surprised on Sunday that many of you raised your hands when I asked who loves outdoor winter adventure. Some of you are skiers, others snowboarders. We surely have snowshoers, tubers, hikers, cross-country skiers, and many other types of snow-thrill-seekers among us. But I wonder if the view from the summit is worth the climb? 

Most people who get out in the powder ride a chairlift, gondola or magic carpet to the top. Some people heli-ski, which means a helicopter drops them off at the summit of some backcountry mountain. And some especially crazy people - including my husband - like to tele-ski, strapping "skins" over their skis and popping out their heels so they can walk up the mountains in the backcountry (off-piste). To me, this seems incredibly dangerous and difficult, but I have not had the same avalanche prevention education or lifelong endurance training as Regis.

So why all the trouble (not to mention risk, expense, time and energy)? Well, in ch. 3 of our text, co-author Rev. Karen Foster interviews backcountry skiier, mountain guide and telemark ski instructor Bill Seline, who explains: "I thought that backcountry skiing would be about making different turns down the slope, but it was more serendipitous. The first thing I noticed was the peace I felt... I could come up with some of my best ideas or solutions to problems. It is a very mind-clearing activity for me." This Sunday we'll take a closer look at such so called mountaintop moments, physically and metaphorically, to consider why God calls us to the mountains to meet the Divine.

I will have 5 copies of the book for sale this Sunday - so please bring $15 and let me know if you'd like one (the authors sent us a box; neither the church nor I make a dime if you choose to make a purchase). Plan to stick around a bit after worship for a cuppa Joe or tea and a bite to eat. We do need a volunteer to pick up bagels this Saturday at 2pm, and a few to set up and clean up on Sunday. Sign up here - thanks!   

See you on Sunday, Pastor Emily 

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