This Sunday, June 19, 2022
Sunday Worship begins at 10:15am in person and live streamed to YouTube.

Fellowship Hour after worship in the Fellowship Hall.
REAL talk
As I spent a few extra days sweating off the end of my vacation (and my first case of Covid), I was reminded that this blog is called REAL Talk... so here it is: down South, we say ladies don't sweat, we glisten. Well, I was glistening up a storm there... and it didn't stop when we returned to Colorado. It's finally summer here - and I couldn't be happier. My roses are blooming, my sunshade is cooling, and the skies are incredible - as my husband captured in the photos above and below this month in Estes Park.
Speaking of rainbows - I hope you have enjoyed the spring sermon series on the Theology of the Rainbow. We'll be wrapping it up this Sunday, as well as celebrating Pride Month, honoring Father's Day and recognizing our newest Federal holiday, Juneteenth. My voice is still a little raspy / scratchy, so I probably won't burst into song... but it's good to be home, and I can't wait to be with you in worship. We'll consider what the glory of God actually looks like - and you may be surprised to find a rainbow of radiance! 

NOTE: If I am still testing positive for Covid on Sunday, I will wear my N95 mask (even during the All-Age Story) and maintain strict social distance before and after worship. This is for your protection, so please accept this VIRTUAL HUG in advance, just in case.

Blessings and peace, Pastor Emily