This Sunday, September 11, 2022

Education Hour starts this Sunday at 9am. Nursery available for infant through 4 years.

  • Sunday School for grades pre-K through 5th grade meets in the Children's Wing.
  • Nooma Video and Discussion for youth and adults meets in the Naylor Study.
  • Seminar meets in the Chapel and on Zoom.

150th Anniversary All-Age Worship at 10:15am in the Sanctuary and on YouTube.

150th Anniversary Luncheon follows worship in the Fellowship Hall and courtyard. Lunch is provided, but you are invited to bring something for the dessert buffet if desired.

REAL talk

You May Say We are Dreamers...

Christ Church Sanctuary in 1960 and 1964

But we're not the only ones - look back over the past 150 years of Christ Church history and you'll find a legacy rich with dreamers, those who imagined a world very different from their realities, those who were on the cutting edge of theology or society, and those who challenged us all to dream more, do more, and believe more. Together, we are 16 pioneers setting out from the Lawrence Street Church in 1871 (now called Trinity UMC) to share God's love with a new neighborhood. We are 27 people who built the first California Street Methodist Episcopal Church, and we are 185 members who outgrew that building and dedicated our 2nd location on Christmas Eve 1889, christening us Christ Church. We are the 115 who chose our 3rd and current location, and the 185 who joined them that first year 1927-1928. We are the faithful who Zoomed into worship for over a year, and the 30 new members who joined in the past year. We are those still hesitant to join, but certainly called to be a part of the big, wild, wacky, wonderful Christ Church family. We are the past, the present and the future.

Whenever paths cross and pilgrims gather, there is much to share and celebrate. That is a line from a liturgy from my home church in Munich, Germany, Peace Church UMC. My mind is turning towards pilgrimage as I prepare to set off on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, Spain next weekend (I'll be away Sept. 17-30). But I am also envisioning the 150 years of Christ Church history that we will celebrate this coming Sunday as a pilgrimage of sorts - a long journey with many unexpected twists and turns, from the Great Depression through Covid-19. I have been in touch with some of your saints in the past few months through delightful calls, emails, and visits. I have read the book (thanks to author and editor Katherine Hoffman), scoured the Iliff Archives (thanks to their librarians), and read sermons from Dr. Harvey Pothofff from the 1930s-1950s. I watched your last video legacy project (thanks to Jane Smith), and read your 125th anniversary booklet (where I saw John and Margaret Simmons as liturgical dancers, and Joan Foster as a young bride!) I also helped dream with our filmmaker, Jen Morrison, about how our legacy connects to our future, imagining both our roots and wings.

I love mining the past for clues about the path we are currently on in order to catch vision snippets for our future. It is holy, exciting, and, sometimes, exhausting work. And, this Sunday is the culmination - we will welcome back many former pastors and distinguished guests. We'll have a full choir and ensemble musicians, including organ. We'll host a luncheon afterwards (menu: pulled pork and chicken sliders, mac and cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, fruit, veggies, celebration cake and dessert buffet). In short, we will have MUCH to share and celebrate. And I hope YOU will make time to join us and mark this milestone with Christ Church.

Our preacher will be Rev. Eric Strader. Eric and his wife, Rev. Amy Strader, came to Colorado to attend the Iliff School of Theology in 2007. Eric was first appointed to four churches in central Denver, helping each community transform to create a newly merged church. Eric was the lead pastor for Christ Church from 2013-2018. Eric and his family next moved to Bozeman, Montana, when he served Bozeman UMC as the District Resource Minister. In July 2022, Eric and Amy were appointed as the new co-lead team at First United Methodist Church, Colorado Springs (FUMC-CS). Their family includes Nora, who is now 9, Finn, who is 6, two dogs, and a demon-possessed cat. Eric is currently working on his doctorate in Organizational Development, focusing on the emotional intelligence of clergy amidst the burnout of the pandemic. The photo of Eric and Amy was taken in the bell tower of FUMC-CS with Pikes Peak behind them.

See you on Sunday! Rev. Emily

REAL Education - Class Descriptions

Seminar 9am Sundays - Chapel and on Zoom

Speaking on the occasion of the church’s 150th anniversary, our lead-off speaker, Joan Foster, will fill us in on the history we’ve forgotten—or never knew. Can you guess how many buildings this congregation has occupied? Or when the congregation was at its peak size? Or how many uses there have been for Fellowship Hall? You’ll find out when you check in virtually or in-person in the downstairs chapel. See you there!

NOOMA Video and Discussion Class

9am Sundays - Naylor Study

Come and join us for our new discussion series on the Rob Bell Nooma videos. Nooma comes from the greek word πνευμα (pneuma), meaning "wind or spirit". The videos will focus on different topics surrounding spirituality, each about 15 minutes long. We will then have a time of discussion after where we’ll work through discussion questions. Come join us on September 11 at 9:00am in the Naylor Study and deepen your own spirituality.

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