Texas-born, Texas-bred and proud of it. That is the answer you most certainly will get if you ask LaTisha Grant about her background and life experiences to date. Currently, she successfully wears several hats, the most important of which is Executive Managing Broker of Houston-based TAS Realty Group. Blessed with high energy and resiliency, LaTisha entered the real estate profession 18 years ago after being laid off three times from various corporate jobs.

Considering her next career move, a friend suggested that she become a professor at her firm where her skills could be utilized and where she learned about the full real estate spectrum . Should mention that LaTisha is a math whiz and taught middle school math for a spell. And had she not pursued entrepreneurship in the real estate arena, she says she would “…still be a middle school teacher. I love educating, just rather educate [now] on homeownership as most kids hate math.”
What most grabbed LaTisha’s attention about the world of real estate? “I love that no two transactions are the same and while I am being challenged every day, I get to provide homeownership to so many people that didn’t think that [homeownership} was possible. When asked how she became acquainted with NAREB, LaTisha credits Realtist Myra Edwards’ invitation to a “Lunch-n-Learn” event. LaTisha was “fascinated by the number of African Americans professionals in one room. When I left, I was empowered to do something and knew that if we could all work together…our community would benefit…I wanted to be part of something greater than myself…NAREB was the key.”

LaTisha relies heavily on her sense of organization to manage all aspects of her business and personal life and believes that’s a quality that a real estate professional should possess. She says that “if you’re not organized, hire someone” to help you. She also believes that the biggest challenge for real estate practitioners is technology. She says, “often we are not only judged as professionals, we are critiqued on our ability to adapt to the newest release.”

Realtists should not be surprised that LaTisha was tapped to be the Chair of NAREB’s House Then the Car initiative designed to reach Millennials, GenXers and others. Launched last fall, the months old program is gaining traction on social media platforms supported by a dynamic and easy-to-navigate website. Be sure to check out the Facebook LIVE events to learn how these generations think, act and absorb what they want to know.

LaTisha’s a Texan to the bone. Be sure to ask her about her first job. There’s no doubt that you’ll be surprised and want to saddle up and take a saunter down a long, Texas road!