He’s a Schuylkill Kid!

If you grow up in this part of the world you must learn to spell and pronounce the name of the river that runs through this city; one of the oldest and chock full of nation’s early history. But our own Derrick Jackson no doubt can spell, pronounce it correctly and take you on a guided tour of the City of Brotherly Love.

A native Philadelphian and broker of record at Home Real Estate & Development Co., Inc., Derrick was steeped early in the real estate profession growing up in a household headed by a prominent real estate broker and Realtist, Robert Jackson. With pride, Derrick says, “I’m a second generation real estate broker…Real estate is not just a job or profession. It is a way of life, or a calling.” That’s also his approach to being an active Realtist.

With 20 years under his belt coupled with his membership in NAREB, Derrick will tell you that he thinks a real estate professional’s most important skill is the ability to listen to your clients. “Find out what they want and provide that service, he says. In these uncertain economic times, Derrick’s added advice holds a great deal of meaning. “Don’t give up. Real estate has it’s ups and downs. Learn as much as you can about the different aspects of real estate. You never know what the next opportunity will be.”

Derrick has brought that “can do” spirit and attitude to the positions held as a NAREB member. Since joining his local chapter, the Philadelphia Metropolitan Board of Realtist, Derrick has served as local board president, regional vice president, NAREB director, NAREB treasurer and assistant treasurer. Currently, Derrick serves as chair, NAREB Public Affairs Committee.

When asked what would surprise someone who didn’t know him? Ask Derrick about his musical talents and his stint in a jazz band. No need to find a DJ for NAREB’s next event…just ask Derrick!