Edition 3 | Volume 1 | December, 2019
Message from the President
Dear Realtists,
Let me begin by stating that NAREB’s founding mission, written nearly 73 years ago, was based upon the principles of fairness and equal opportunity. Fair housing, fair lending, and fairness in our profession are the pillars of our association’s beginnings and the reason for our presence. More to the point, NAREB has always been vigilant utilizing the legislative, legal, and advocacy tools necessary to ensure that Black Americans receive equal treatment under the law, and equal opportunity in our profession.

Media coverage on fair housing ebbs and flows, but NAREB’s warrior spirit continuously battles the public and private forces inhibiting or flatly denying fair access to homeownership opportunities for Black Americans. Yes, victories have been celebrated, and less than perfect
legislation or regulatory changes unfalteringly challenged. At every turn, NAREB returns to the fight making every effort to eliminate unbiased treatment of our constituency and our professionals.

Recently, the NEWSDAY newspaper released the results of a three-year investigation that exposed undeniable racially discriminatory experiences leveled against prospective Black American homebuyers by agents servicing clients in the Long Island, NY real estate market. Steering minority clients to select communities that agents believed were more acceptable was a commonplace practice the investigation found.

As the newspaper’s editorial board wrote, “It is no longer 1949; explicit racism in real estate is no longer legal. But the Newsday investigation makes clear that the changes in the rules are greater than the changes in reality. Real estate agents will shake the hands of black buyers, and show them around, but those buyers are still being treated as second-class citizens because of the color of their skin…Americans would find it unfathomable if schools or water fountains were labeled ‘White Only,’ as was commonplace across the South just several decades ago. They would be kidding themselves to think this kind of discrimination in housing, without the labels, is any less pernicious.”

Discriminatory practices, sadly, continue and bad actors are still with us. But, so is NAREB’s watchfulness. Advocacy efforts, legislative remedies, or legal challenges are employed where necessary to stomp down bias wherever it exists. We believe that mandatory annual training on fair housing practices should be included as a requirement of licensing and continued on an annual basis. We also agree, and will advocate for stiffer penalties for real estate agents found perpetrating illegal discriminatory practices.

Realtists, we must never forget how far down the road we have come. Rampant discriminatory practices like those uncovered on Long Island, NY are not uncommon nor isolated to just those communities. We still have work to do and we intend to remain vigilant by calling out bias when we see it. At the same time, we stand ready to work with other champions for justice, fairness and equality to eradicate biased behaviors and practices.

In the Realtist Spirit,
Donnell Williams, President
The first of President Williams’ energetic NAREB 8 initiatives rolled out with much enthusiasm and participation. Thanks to the leadership of program director LaTisha Grant and her committee, 16 NAREB local chapters rolled up their sleeves, identified their millennial audiences, strategized on the most effective methods of reaching them, and set about the business of “making it all happen!”

The House Then the Car (HTTC) initiative was designed to reach the approximate 1.7 million mortgage-ready millennials making more than $100,000, but still renting. With less than 90 days to execute, each of the chapters developed outreach strategies, identified knowledgeable speakers, locked down locations, and promoted their events using digital flyers, regularly accessed social media platforms and locally-focused press announcements to interest and heighten the awareness their audiences. Their efforts generated a combined attendance of more than 1,000 millennials who were generally stunned about low Black homeownership, but were ready to think about homeownership and real estate investment opportunities to begin their wealth building journey.

The events provided and optimum opportunity for the local chapters to educate their audiences about NAREB and our advocacy efforts, the SHIBA report, the “pros” associated with homeownership, along with answering the many questions audience came to have answered.

According to Latisha Grant, lessons learned from this HTTC launch experience were important as the program moves into the second round in 2020 when other chapters will be invited to host HTTC events. “More planning time, location selection, and a pre-event networking add-on we think are among the elements that will increase attendance,” said Grant. “The session content works,” she enthusiastically added.

Many thanks are extended to the following NAREB chapters in: Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Oakland, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Sacramento, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Atlanta, GA; Toledo, OH; Columbus, OH; Dayton, OH; Central New Jersey; Philadelphia, PA; Memphis, TN; Fort Worth, TX; Houston, TX. Job well done Team HTTC! Visit: www.HouseThenTheCar.com for more information.
Birmingham Realtist Association members pose at the successful House Then The Car (HTTC) event.
Audience members participate in classroom HTTC session
Panelist members speaking at Birmingham HTTC event.
Guests enjoy the pre-HTTC networking mixer.
Francis Young, Local Board President
Consolidated Board of Realtist - LA
As we all know, mother does know best! Had Frances Young, current president of Los Angeles based Consolidated Board of Realtist not listened, she just might have had a successful 40 year run as a real estate professional. Not only did Frances’ mother recognize that her daughter needed to create her own path and not follow someone else’s, but she too sat for the licensing exam at the same time and the profession gained two Black, female stars in the making.

Throughout the four decades, Frances acknowledges the ups and downs of the profession. She survived two “crashes” and we’re sure that she learned important lessons. As a Realtist, she earned how to navigate through tough times and started networking with like-minded people of color who talked the same language and understood that “this too shall pass.”

Frances makes it clear that being a Realtist has helped her grow as a real estate professional. As Important, she learned how to help her clients and her community build generational wealth. With pride and knowledge, she wears her “Black Homeownership Matters” shirt understanding that she can make a difference in a person’s life! Frances also credits the classes Realtists have available to them at NAREB conferences and conventions geared to helping Black people and building her own leadership skills.

We asked Frances if she didn’t become a real estate professional what career or entrepreneurial path would she pursue. Not surprisingly, one of the avenues she mentioned was founding a nonprofit organization to help homeless women get back on their feet and teach them how to build wealth through homeownership. Not at all surprising, based upon her life choices, is her love for movies like “Rocky.” And what is it about that genre that interests her? When asked she said they “show determination, a drive to win and how to make it in life, no matter what. You have to push though tough times to achieve your goals.”
Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Evelyn Reeves
C.B.R. Past Presidents Holding the street sign template from Left to right:Monroe Wooton-PP, Anna Moore-PP Council member Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Ashley Thomas III, PP and NAREB 3rd VP, Monica Hill -California Association Of Real Estate Brokers (CAREB) President Evelyn Reeves-PP and NAREB PP Larry Springs-PP Kevin Smith-PP
Frances Young and Ashley Thomas III, NAREB 3rd VP waiting for the Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson to present his annual report to the community before the unveiling ceremony.  
On November 8, 2019, the Consolidated Board of Realtist (C.B.R.), Los Angeles Chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers celebrated an historic occasion on location at 3725 Don Felipe Drive Los Angeles, CA. Council member Marqueece Harris-Dawson, City of Los Angeles 8th District joined chapter members and a number of chapter past presidents at the unveiling ceremony re-naming four street signs located in a square which now read, "National Association of Real Estate Broker, Est. 1947, Historic Sanchez Ranch, Consolidated Board of Realtist, Los Angeles Chapter." Council member Harris-Dawson included the event in his annual report and also announced the square re-naming to the public.

The re-named streets will include a total of 4 signs. The first set will be located on the corner of Don Felipe Dr. and Stocker street (1 facing east and 1 facing west) representing a community square in the Baldwin Hills community of Los Angeles. The other set of street signs are installed on a streetlight pole on Don Felipe Dr in front of the renowned "Historic Sanchez Ranch" owned by C.B.R.(1 sign facing north and 1 sign facing south) which is also part of the dedication ceremony.

Many congratulations are extended to the Consolidated Board of Realtist and their leadership!
Each month, Monica Lee, NAREB’s Membership Coordinator will share the “What’s Going On” to keep Realtists up-to-date.

 RVPs will begin receiving Status Reports covering the activities of all local board chapters in their respective region. The report will include the number of active member (paid members) for each chapter, along with the chapter presidents’ name and contact information. Contact me as soon as possible if any discrepancies are found.

 The New Member Certificates are in the DropBox. Please make sure every new Realtist receives a certificate within 30 days after a paid membership is received. Be sure to reach out often to new members within the first year and feel appreciated and want to renew in the future. 

 ClubExpress will continue to be NAREB’s membership portal for 2020. I will, however, be receiving extensive system training and will be able to request additional help to pull specific reports and other functions should you need them. In addition, I will be sharing this information with chapter leads via webinars scheduled one every two months.

 Let the national office know at least 15 days in advance if your chapter is planning a membership drive and materials are needed. We want to to ensure that the delivery reaches you on time.

 Be sure to “share” and “like” NAREB articles, information and events on social media to promote

 ISO…subject matter experts to conduct webinars on wide range of topics. Also, If you have an idea for a webinar that you think can help Realtists with their businesses, feel free to make a suggestion. 

For more information on any of these notes, contact Monica Lee at: monica.lee@nareb.com.
Equal opportunity in the housing market was at the core of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 as the country was gripped by racial turmoil and clear systemic inequality. Prospective home buyers were to be discriminated against by real estate agents who intentionally steered them away from white communities and effectively limiting their ability to take part in the “American Dream”. One would expect that this practice would be left into the pages of history, but however in 2019 the lack of democracy in housing still permeates the market.

On November 17,2019, Newsday published an investigative article, Long Island Divided , which exposed real estate agents in Long Island, who were intentionally showing homes to families based on the color of their skin. It is apparent that the Fair Housing Act, though very integral in the pursuit of black homeownership, needs to be updated and protected. Yet, HUD under the direction of Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, has proposed to change the Fair Housing Act’s disparate standard which is meant to protect minority homebuyers from the very acts of discrimination as mentioned above. It is critical that we continue to defend and even expand the Fair Housing Act and to help with that, please reach out to your Congressional representative to let them hear your voice! To find contact information for you representative by clicking here and tell them to defend Fair Housing.

James Privette
NAREB Policy & Advocacy Coordinator 
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