t takes a bit of adjustment for a hard-driving former New Yorker to find a comfortable and nurturing home in the southland. But that’s just what Michele Calloway did and with purpose. She’s only the second woman to serve as NAREB’s board chair. Michele and comes to this position with mission and a vision not only to increase Black homeownership, but also to open doors of opportunity for fellow Realtists.

Born and raised in New York City’s Bronx borough where homeownership she says, “was extremely rare. Most [people] were apartment dwellers in a highly concentrated area.” As Michele remembered, “I enjoyed outings to the suburbs and always dreamed of my immediate family having a house of their own.”

Her move to Atlanta, GA showed that homeownership was more accessible to Black people than in northern cities. When she bought her first home and decided at the same time to become a real estate agent to help others realize the American dream of homeownership. Her purchase can be summed up in her statement, “If a girl from the Bronx housing projects could afford a home and [have] a good quality of life as a middle-income earner, then others can also.” For the past 21 years in the real estate profession, Michele has never veered off her course.

Michele’s decision to join NAREB was influenced by her first real estate agent Priscilla Harrell (Atlanta-Memphis) and her first broker Sharon Benjamin (Atlanta), both NAREB Realtists. Michele says, “I saw the good work they did in the community, educating and working with Black people through the homeownership process.” As important, she says that she “saw so many successful Black real estate professionals in the association.”

It wasn’t long before Michele’s entrepreneurial cravings kicked in. Before becoming the Managing Broker, EXIT Realty Quality Solutions, she was the qualifying broker of the Atlanta-based ACRE Group, a community centric real estate company that provided leadership for homebuyers, foreclosure prevention and home sustainability. In addition, she founded The Institute for Community Pros, a real estate training company.

Along with business building, active membership and leadership in NAREB’s Empire Board of Realtist, and current national board chair she finds time to pursue her love of dancing. All kinds of dancing including salsa, ballroom, praise & worship, along with partner and group dances. You’ll have to be on your toes if you invite her to the dance floor. You’ll have a “star” to impress