Edition 6 | Volume 2 | February 2020
Message from the President

Today is the last day this year to observe and celebrate Black History Month. But is it also a good point to make that our history as the nation’s first professional minority real estate trade association moves forward throughout the year. Yes, reminders are oftentimes needed, and markers noted. Our achievements, however, should be every day beyond the “official” month of recognition.

I am reminded when I read about our Black Wall Streets that we were, and are a people of vision, of community, strong culture and resiliency. I mourn the tragic loss of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood neighborhood in 1921 once filled with economically thriving Black businesses destroyed and burned to the ground by White townspeople. An estimated 8,000 people were left homeless and many other Black residents massacred. Tulsa, while a hideous and catastrophic episode represents a powerful example of self-reliance and belief in self-determination at a time when Blacks could not vote, nor participate fully as American citizens. We were not appreciated, nor admired for our ingenuity to succeed against all odds. Let this be a lesson.

We can not dwell on hateful behavior of others, but rather understand and go forward with the knowledge that economic success and empowerment are strong threads of the quilt of our past. These threads, which include other notable Black Wall Streets like those in Washington, DC’s U Street corridor, or Durham, NC’s Hayati neighborhood, or Richmond, VA’s Jackson Ward community, or Atlanta, GA’s Auburn Avenue.
Let these examples serve as markers as we move forward to build Black wealth through homeownership and real estate investment. Democracy in Housing guides us. Our determination and resolve move us forward. Remember, that one day we will be history. Let our actions deserve the recognition and admiration of those who come after us.

Because of those facts and moments in history, I aggressively move forward with the launch of the House Then The Car.com, Realtist Referral Network, BidNational, and Realtist Investment Group. I thank each and every member, local board president and chapter as NAREB continues to make Black History.

In the Realtist spirit,

Donnell Williams
Greeting from the Membership Department!

Friendly reminder, the portal is up and ready to receive all membership payments. Administrators are encouraged to apply the payment as soon as they are received by the member as there is no “bulk upload”. Applying the payments once received will make an already tedious task much easier in the long run. Please keep your eyes peeled for the Annual Membership Webinar Calendar. The webinars are designed to build chapters as well as your individual businesses. 
Just like each month, I am Monica. Monica Lee, Membership Coordinator in the National office and I am here to assist you with any of your NATIONAL membership needs.
Kind regards,
Monica A. Lee, MBA
Membership Coordinator
Consolidated Board of Realtist
The Consolidated Board of Realtists® opened up Black History month with their 71 st  Annual Installation Gala & Black History Celebration on February 1 st . The theme of their installation was “We Are One” and it was coined by their 41 st  incoming president, Stanley E. Jackson and the new board. Their theme is hedged on the belief that in order to make an effective assault on the decline of the Black homeownership that we the local chapter, Women's Council, Young Realtist Division, the region, state and N.A.R.E.B. must work together as one in unison to fulfill the vision of NAREB 8 initiatives by President Donnell Williams. 

First Vice President Lydia Pope installed the president and the board members, while NAREB 3 rd  Vice President Ashley Thomas, III installed the YRDLA Board. Many local politicians attended the affair and US Congresswoman Maxine “Auntie” Waters presented President Stanley E. Jackson and the board with an award for the longtime community service of the Consolidated Board of Realtists®. Stay tuned and long live the Realtistnation.
(L-R) NAREB 1st VP Lydia Pope and Stanley Johnson, newly elected local board president.
(L) NAREB Past President Ron Cooper pose with Stanley Jackson (C) and guests at the installation.
Realtist Anna Moore welcome members and guests.
Denver Board of Realtist
The Denver Board of Realtist presented a "Smart Homebuyer Education Workshop" on 1/25/2020 at Rising Star Baptist Church. The Huff Homeownership Legacy Team continue to plant seeds of Hope and Encouragement in the Black community with the mission of creating "Long Term Black Wealth Through Black Homeownership". 
Workshop presenter with Walter Huff (R)
Walter Huff speaking with participants at the workshop.
Workshop materials used for Homebuyer Education
National Mortgage Professional Magazine
NAREB Chief Welcomes Increase in Black Homeownership
New data from the U.S. Census Bureau charting the another quarter of increases in the national rate for black homeownership was cautiously welcomed by Donnell Williams, president of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers ( NAREB ), a trade association for African-American real estate professionals. Read more...
President Williams served as the keynote speaker on Friday, February 28 th  at the Canopy Realtor Assn. Diversity Council and the Charlotte Crown Black Real Estate Assn.’s State of Housing in Black America event.(L to R) John Kindbom (Canopy Realtor® Association/Canopy MLS President), Brenda Hayden (Canopy Realtor® Association/Canopy MLS Past President), Donnell Williams (NAREB President), Anne Marie DeCatsye (Canopy Realtor® Association/Canopy MLS CEO), David Kennedy (Canopy Realtor® Association/Canopy MLS President-Elect), Charaka Cook (Past NAREB Region V Vice President), Michael Hoard (Charlotte Crown Black Real Estate Association President), Sheryl Merritt (NAREB Region V Vice President)
Black Enterprise Magazine


February 20, 2020

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP ) and The  National Association of Real Estate Brokers  have announced a partnership that will help ensure that black individuals and families have access to quality financial education, appropriate financial products, accredited counseling services, and financial assistance to have a better chance at increasing  black wealth through homeownership . Read more...
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