Week of July 18, 2022
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REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors - The Wyman Group
REALTORS Are Good Neighbors Wyman Group Servant at Work
Volunteer Activity
Wheelchair ramps can mean independence for disabled residents. Earlier this month, REALTORS® at The Wyman Group in Kokomo, partnered with nonprofit Servants at Work Inc., to build a wheelchair ramp for a disabled man in the community, allowing him the freedom to enter and leave his home more easily.

SAWs is a faith-based nonprofit that creates wheelchair ramps that connect to the exterior of homes belonging to low-income, permanently disabled residents.
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How Real Estate Commissions Work
It’s important for consumers looking to experience the American dream of homeownership to understand how real estate agents are paid for the services they provide. At the outset, the seller and that person’s listing broker agree on the amount the listing broker will receive for the services it provides to the seller. The listing broker and seller also discuss and agree upon an amount that the listing broker will pay a broker who successfully closes the transaction with a ready, willing and able buyer.

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