From the Desk of the Business Manager ~

In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and to keep you informed on the latest news affecting IBEW Local 43, we are providing you with the following:
Brothers & Sisters:
It has been almost 3 months since LU43 and NECA extended the recall language to cover the "Pause" in construction work due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  That Pause ended four weeks ago with the opening of all construction under Phase I in upstate New York.  Through the cooperation of labor and management we have maintained an orderly recall process that has worked well for all.  Sufficient time has elapsed that all projects placed on hold should have resumed and any employees returning to those projects should have been recalled.
Therefore, effective Wednesday June 17, 2020 any members on the out of work list will not be eligible for recall by their previous employer.  All members will therefore be eligible for referral as calls for manpower occur.  Any future recall provisions will follow the 20-working day rule as outlined in the Inside Agreement Section 3.23.
Stay safe and be well.

Alan Marzullo
Alan Marzullo
Business Manager
IBEW Local 43