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I read, that Emergency response officials believed that response of the recent air crash was better than last.

Let us review the response and proffer better way - International standard.

We all witnessed the following

  • Unusual crowd of all manner of people crowding the crash site
  • Lack of proper equipment as we saw manual tools
  • The cordon area was clearly encroached
  • Rescue effort was carried out by all manner of agencies without any role definition

What should have taken place:

  1. Air force Team

The Air force within the airport should have had a business continuity training and plan in place. This plan would have enabled the Air force to have a TEAM for emergency, equipped and ready to move immediately there is a crash. What should be their role - there main role is to Cordon off the crash area for ONLY authorized personnel. The response should have been within minutes, less than 5 minutes.


A TEAM does not necessarily mean that people are set apart for that job, yes again that is what it should be, but it goes beyond that. It means the people practice together, have equipment's specially designed for their roles. They eat, drink, sleep and act in such a way that the assigned function is primarily their ONLY OFFICIAL FOCUS. How to be faster, better, operationally efficient and effective.


Business Continuity Planning is all about team approach.








Do we have this ?



The FRSC officials have NO ROLE to play within the crash site. All of us saw that they were also helping out and lifting aircraft parts and the sick/wounded/dead. This is not their duty. They are supposed to limit their role to smooth flow of traffic within the impacted area.


Ikeja from reports was at stand still. Everybody rushed to the crash site.



The police are expected to help out and support the FRSC and maintain vigilance within the crash site. Their EYES ONLY for security related issues. Think of it - How could there be looting at the crash site?


Let's think about this - This is national embarrassment.


4. Where are the Medical Team

We or I did not see any visual that tells us that there are medical personnel within the environment. There should have been an overwhelming or significant medical presence for emergency / medical treatment right there if need be. It is the Medical TEAM that are supposed to handle the injured/dead, they know how to lift and what they should do.


Is there a TEAM within the airport? I do not mean the Medical Department of NCAA or FAAN.


Do they have a TEAM approach?


4. Incident Command System

There is NO evidence of Incident Command System, you can see all the officials congregate together. An incident Command System (ICS) is used in emergency response when you have more than one agency during an incident/disaster to avoid confusion on site. The most senior or most knowledgeable during 'specialized' incident such as HAZMAT will take charge.


What you all saw or read concerning 'fight' over who should take charge of the coffin CLEARLY shows that there is no one IN CHARGE.


The knowledge of business continuity plan will help all concern to know the rules and modality of how to organize themselves.


    5. Lack Communication Tools

What can easily aggravate an incident is lack of communication tools within the TEAMS. In multiple disasters the nation is in serious trouble if we do not take the issue of communication among teams handling disasters as priority.


            6. My writings are not for commercial purpose, yes, training and consulting is good, but the joy 

              of this is that you are helping saving lives; there is a standard or regulation from ICAO that

              airports, airlines and other companies working within the airlines should have a business

              continuity plan.

The country has more than 25 airports, 30 airlines, 590 pilots, 19 flight engineers, 258 air traffic controllers (ATC), 677 aircraft maintenance engineers, 1,103 cabin crew and four aircraft dispatchers. Yet None of this airline, and most of the aviation personnel knows noting or anything about this important subject matter.


Quoting from the ICAO's Four Pillars (or Components of Aviation Safety Management Systems)

"Coordination of emergency response planning: Service providers implement an Emergency Response Program (ERP) that include contingency plans to ensure proper response throughout the organization when an emergency situation arises. This may not necessarily involve an actual aircraft accident, but should include a business continuity contingency plan (ICAO Annex 6, 3.3.5 Appendix 7.1.5)


Yes, we have dedicated phones. This is good development. However, the airport should have specific and standing Command center in each airport where information can be provided for different stake holders. We can do better in this area.


Please note also that BEFORE disaster, there should be dedicated public information officers trained to provide information to assigned stakeholders - NOT ONE OR TWO TO MASS OF PEOPLE.


         8. We all need to invest in this knowledge in respective of our sector or the position we occupied.

             Lack of this knowledge is the course of loss of lives on daily basis. We are moving from one

             crisis to another. Business Continuity Planning focuses on Live Safety first, before any other

             issues such as Property Security and Environmental.


9. Other Related Issue


             -  Where is the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) - When you cannot 'feel' the Command Center, which should be at the site, I am very sure we do not have an EOC at the airport.


10. The country is really not prepared for major incidents. Those in authority should act, 

      and the first area is to understand that you cannot manage disasters without the

      knowledge  of  BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING. Organizations must get to

      know about this subject.


The Draft Pandemic Plan has exposed to us that we need to plan using business continuity planning, we are not the author of this PANDEMIC PLAN.  This is the secret of how developed countries managed their security and disasters.

We are available to shed more light as we are qualified as Instructors and Exam Provider for DRI International (USA) here in Nigeria.


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