Call to Action!  
January 2016
The 2016 Legislative Conference
 January 24-26 in Tallahassee
Did you know that not all elementary schools allow K-5 students to have recess?  Is recess important to you and your children?   House Bill 833 and Senate Bill 1002  will require that  ALL  K-5 elementary students are given 20 minutes of recess daily. We need your help to make sure these bills are heard in committee.  Please email or call Senator John Legg, Chair of the Senate Pre-K-12 Education Committee and Representative Janet Adkins, Chair of the K-12 Subcommittee and ask them to support recess by allowing these bills to be heard in their committee.   We need to protect the best interests of Florida's children by supporting their right to 20 minutes per school day to run, play, socialize, and decompress from the rigor and curriculum of the classroom.

Contact Senator John Legg:  813-909-9199
Contact Rep. Janet Adkins:  904-491-3664

This is just one of the hot topics that will be discussed at the 2016 Florida PTA Legislative conference. If you want YOUR voice heard, register here and learn what you need to do to take your passion directly to the legislators' offices, what to say, and how to influence. YOU can make a difference! 

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