Valentine's Day has come and gone, but we're still celebrating L-O-V-E at the studio. Be sure to pick up your referral cards and share why you love BYS Yoga! This week, Alana shares her thoughts.
Throughout the month, you are invited to share your love of BYS Yoga, so I’ve decided to share my love of BYS Yoga with you. I’ll start with a quote, one definition of love.
“LOVE: a willingness to recognize what is REAL.”

This is from one of my favorite yoga teachers, Elena Brower, and I believe it was inspired by one of her teachers. This is the way yoga works. Our practice allows us this growth, this opportunity to learn from the world around us, and to consider every moment our teacher. And this is where BYS Yoga comes in, at least for me. 
Moving here from Miami in 2004, I was 22, a new graduate student, and new to a very different city. A friend recommended BYS Yoga, which was one of the only yoga studios in Pittsburgh at the time. (Little did I know, it was also a new venture for Kristi and Jody. Eventually, we would become the closest of friends.) BYS Yoga has been the constant in my life ever since. It has been my center, from which I have been allowed to learn, to grow, and to recognize what is real. I have been allowed to falter, to change course, and to redefine myself on many occasions.
I love that I can be me at the studio, I love that I am surrounded by a group of supportive yogis, and I love that, in turn, I can support these incredible yogis. I love the sense of community that is palpable in our classes. No matter our background and experience, we share a sense of compassion, connection, and respect. This is BYS Yoga and this is why I love BYS Yoga. Our space allows me to be real and to recognize what is real. 
I am grateful for you and all that you contribute to building our #kulaoncarson, for none of this would be possible without you. 
With great love,
w/ Nicole Zellie Lann

FRIDAY, February 16th 2018
6:30-8 p.m.

supporting: Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council

by donation / pay what you wish

w/ Ashley O'Hara & Friends

SATURDAY, February 17th 2018
7-9 p.m.

by donation / pay what you wish


SUNDAY, February 18th 2018
5:30-7 p.m.

regular class pricing
We are fortunate to be in a walkable neighborhood in which many of our students and instructors reside. While our intention is never to cancel classes, the winter weather does occasionally impact our schedule. If you are ever in doubt on whether class will be held, please visit our website and check social media for updates.
w/ Lynn Rescigno

SATURDAY, March 10th 2018
1-3 p.m.

This ALL LEVELS Roll Model Workshop will explore the use of Yoga Tune Up® balls. This methodology can help eradicate pain, improve posture, and enhance performance through a unique blend of Corrective Exercise, Self Massage, and Yoga.

$20 in advance
$25 at the door
w/ Levana Melamed

THURSDAY, March 22nd 2018
2-5 p.m.

In our everyday routine there are always situations to which we can choose to react or to respond... here is where mindfulness plays a big role! Being mindful of our thoughts, intentions, and actions can help us achieve a better understanding of ourselves and it can give us a different, perhaps better, perspective of life! When we become mindful of our actions and decisions we can be happier and we can serve others better! We'll start this workshop with intentional movement, focusing on using movement and breath as a way of letting go of unproductive ideas and thoughts. This practice will prepare us to dive into the mindfulness field. 

$30 in advance
$35 at the door
w/ Alana DeLoge & Holly McIntosh

SUNDAY, March 25th 2018
1-4 p.m.

After an introduction on how to incorporate essentials oils into your everyday yoga and meditation practices, you will be led through a gentle practice that incorporates oils for the spring season. There will be plenty of opportunities to sample oils during the workshop and participants will receive a small kit to take home.

$30 in advance
$35 at the door
BYS Yoga | Historic South Side | Pittsburgh | 412-481-YOGA (9642) |