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Our luncheon speaker this Wednesday was born into Maoist China in Shanghai. Maoist strategy divided the Chinese people into those who were government-preferred (called red) and those groups the government despised (called black).

Because her parents were well-educated, cultured, and they were not poor, the government labeled them undesirable and "black."

The “Black” elements of Chinese culture that were demonized by Mao and those who were “Red” Chinese were taught to hate the blacks.

Even the children of “Black” parents were encouraged to become members of the “Red Guard” and to spy on their families, friends, and neighbors and report cultural infractions which often led to public shaming, torture, and death.

For a complete documentation read The World Turned Upside Down by Yang Jisheng.

In a speech to fellow colleagues in the medical community, Dr. Li said of her life in China under Maoist identity politics:

Both of my grandfathers were Christian missionaries. Mao called these kinds of people “bourgeoise.”  My grandfather was murdered. His martyrdom came because one of his sermons was thought to contradict Mao. Grandfather was killed without a trial. Both of my parents faced opposition due to their being members of a social community Mao wanted eliminated.

Dr. Erica Li was brought to America when she was ten years old and excelled academically. She is now a physician in the state of Washington and leads an organization designed to end these same practices which are now a part of the American medical community.

She will speak about China’s Maoist Cultural Revolution and its roots in American medicine and American culture today. She will address specifically the way it has impinged on the medical community.


Critical Theory has brought the Marxist revolution to the very top of the American medical community. The training offered by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Association of Medical Colleges provide examples of how today's physicians are being trained to treat based on ethnicity and other cultural values.

The American Medical Association's training manual includes a major section titled, "Organizational Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity."

No one wants a doctor who treats patients based on "Methods informed by social epidemiology and critical race theory, recognizing the deep-rooted structural and social drivers of health" as the American Medical Association now directs.


The Chinese Cultural Revolution

which has taken root in the U.S.

needs to be stopped.


Please bring your friends, family,

church leaders, and your pastors!


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Gang of One Revisited

China's Red Guard


Patriots pack the State Board of Education Meeting

APRIL 2023

Speaker Lineup


Gang of One Revisited

China's Red Guard

This past December, I wrote of retired American Professor, Fan Shen, who, in 1966, at the age of twelve, became a member of Mao's Cultural Revolution as a Red Guard. 

He quickly became involved in a level of brutality that made it clear he was fostering not a better society, but, rather, human injustice, misery, torture, and murder.

Many of the victims of the Red Guard were people he knew to be decent people, yet were made to suffer horrible deaths at the hand of Mao’s political machine thanks to the help of the Red Guard.

Fan Shen resolved to leave China and the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

He was able to escape to America where he had a wonderful career as a college professor in Minnesota. His memoirs are detailed in a book called Gang of One. It is, in part, a confession as well as a diary of the horror and the raw evil of the Marxist ideology put into practice in China.

Our speaker this Wednesday has a

similar story to professor Shen.

Dr. Li grew up under the barbarous and vicious darkness of the cultural constructs of the Marxist governmental policy Mao put in place. Like Dr. Shen, she made her way to America where she now enjoys a highly successful career in Washington as a medical doctor.

Born in Shanghai, she saw the Marxist Cultural Revolution divide China into two groups: the government-preferred groups called “Reds” and those classes of people the government oppressed labeled “Blacks.” Dr. Li’s parents were labeled “Black.”

Those in China who opposed Mao’s new society, and the Cultural Revolution he employed to establish it, were considered the subversive elements of society.

Mao’s political “black list” went much further and extended to identity politics. Under Mao, mere membership in the “wrong” strata of society (they were called the “Blacks”) meant exposure to arrest, public humiliation, public torture, and public execution. All without a trial.

Those who opposed Mao’s new society or belonged to a class of people Mao disliked were considered enemies of the state and called “Blacks.” Erica Li recalls these nine groups of people who were labeled “Black.”

Erica Li never joined the Red Guard as a youth. In fact, her parents were shamed for being the “Black” and undesirable elements of Chinese culture. Dr. Li remembers that more than 100 million “Black undesirables” were tortured, permanently injured, murdered, or driven to suicide. This included her grandfather, a Christian missionary, who was martyred for the content of his sermons.

Yang Jisheng’s encyclopedic work on China’s Cultural Revolution employs one of Mao’s favorite phrases as its title: The World Turned Upside Down. I will spare you the many gruesome descriptions of torture the book contains. I wanted, however, to give you a modest taste of the nature of a society being re-defined on the foundations of atheism.

The accepted public statements of the leaders of a society which requires worship of its tyrant (Mao) are stunning. Consider this official public comment on governmental policy:

Comrade Ye Jianying, a high-ranking military head in China, said (1966):

The Red Guards solved many major and difficult problems that had been troubling us for years. Some ultra-reactionary fellows had been troubling us for years.

Some ultra-reactionary fellows had been berating our party and Chairman Mao on a daily basis for more than a decade, and everyone knew who they were and thoroughly hated them, but no one dared to move against them. This time the young militants beat them to death.

Maybe it violated some policies, but the greater benefit was that it cleared away scoundrels – cleared away the rubbish in our society.

Atheism is the foundation of ruthless

tyrannies such as these all around the world.

Yang Jisheng wrote of China's atheistic foundation in The World Turned Upside Down:

The propaganda team proclaimed, ‘Believing in religion means opposing Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought and opposing the party’s leadership.’ Anyone caught worshipping or fasting was publicly denounced.

China's Mao Zedong instigated a reign of terror as he followed the lead of Karl Marx, perhaps the world’s most famous and influential self-proclaimed atheist, who in 1844 wrote this:

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

Speaking for the vast majority of the world's population, theater critic and author, Michael Walsh, said of these atheistic sentiments of Karl Marx:

These are the demented ravings of a dangerous idiot.

Michael Walsh, cognizant of the vast amount of damage done to hundreds of million of people by the influence of that one wayward German, said further in his The Devil’s Pleasure Palace:

For Satan, as for Marx, religion was an impediment to the grand design of transforming humanity from a collection of free-willed, autonomous individuals into a mass of self-corralling slaves who mistake secularity for liberty and try to keep the cognitive dissonance to a minimum in order to function.

French writer and journalist, Jean Cau, mused at what could be called the national suicide and cultural dead end of atheism’s political conclusion. He states that those who trumpet the death of God are simply acting out “the final consequence of humanism which thought naively that it could set man free (by emptying him of the sacred).”

To save the American Republic from the travesty that befell her homeland, Dr. Li is now speaking publicly that identity politics divides a nation due to its fractured and arbitrary identities. Its pernicious nature was proved in China as seemingly “normal” people in China willingly participated in the murder family members and friends. This is Critical Race Theory in China. It will metastasize no differently in America.

As a people, Americans have simply fallen asleep as the caustic impact of increasing levels of secularism have intimidated a church which has vacated its role as the earth's salt and light.

In his 1952 book, La filosofia oggi, Italian philosopher, Michele Fererico Sciacca, noted that “even if society in the United States calls itself Christian, American philosophy is essentially all atheistic.”  

When a group of Oklahoma leaders joined Wade Burleson and me to ask Ryan Walters to re-introduce God and prayer into our schools, we were seeking to reverse this very tide of atheism which has become a shroud covering America's academia.

I recommend each of you purchase either a copy of The World Turned Upside Down by Yang Jisheng or The Gang of One by Fan Shen. They describe what the cultural insurgents in America have been developing as members of governmental institution at all levels, including our schools and universities, our entertainment venues, and our churches.

We are in the midst of a cultural war in Oklahoma, as are all Americans. It is a war that pits the devout adherents of secularism found in the movements of militant Marxism against Christ and his people.

A few thousand of you read this newsletter each week. I would challenge you to connect with us through our meetings, or through communicating by email and begin the process of getting involved in bolstering the Christian cultural foundations of Oklahoma that we may cast a light on our nation, the last bastion of freedom in the world.

Christianity is the very foundation of human thought.

It is the foundation of free & prosperous societies.

We are in desperate need of returning

our nation and our state to Biblical foundations.

Thank you for your activism.


I'll see you at this Wednesday's luncheon!

11:00 AM Doors open

11:30 AM Lunch

NOON to 1:15 PM Meeting

Oklahoma History Center

800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr., OKC, OK 73105

God bless!





Last week’s meeting of the Oklahoma Department of Education Board was an exceptional display of a room overflowing with Oklahoma’s godly majority, leaving the far-left fringe with very little space. Christian patriots came from all over the state and packed the house, packed the board room, and were flowing into the hallways. Our newly-elected State Superintendent of Schools, Ryan Walters, received the thunderous applause he so well deserves.

Representatives from OCPAC, School Boards 4 Kids, City Elders, the Hispanic Community, and many others came to pray, to speak, and to show their support for Oklahoma’s leaders in education who are standing up not for the unions, not for the superintendents, but for the parents whose children are in need of an environment reflecting civility as well as high standards of academics and morality.

We left Oklahoma’s ideologically fringe media outlets with very little to capture in terms of their preferred badgering of Christian ideals. There was only one representative in the anti-Ryan Walters camp who was able to speak. Of course, the Oklahoman placed her picture on the front page of Friday’s paper.

The day when we will see a restoration of the media in Oklahoma cannot come soon enough.


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