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Observation: A Montessori Teacher's Best Tool

Silvia C. Dubovoy, Ph.D. 


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You haven't heard from us in a while.  That's because we have about 150 students and visiting faculty on campus right now.  Our summer students come to us from 17 different countries and all regions of the United States.  Here is a photo of last week's MISD Faculty Panel.  Do you recognize any faces?

2018 Faculty Panel
Right to left_ Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy _Inclusive Education_ Greg MacDonald _age 6-12__ Cristina De Leon _age 3-6__ Alejandra Rosas _age birth-3__ Nasreen Yazdani _moderator_

Distance 2018 Faculty Panel
Our summer students and faculty represent 17 different countries.

In the midst of this busy summer, we wanted to say hello and send you a recording of one of our most popular webinars.  

Observation: A Montessori Teacher's Best Tool
Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy
Recorded on 1/10/18

Topics include:  
  • Dr. Maria Montessori's scientific observation
  • What do we mean by self-observation?
  • "If you don't have time to observe, you need to observe more!"
  • True objectivity-- is it possible?
  • Techniques & suggestions
  • Q&A session 

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A primary presentation

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