ISSUE 18 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

" ... A recovery is now under way in Kharkiv, fueled by a somewhat successful reorientation to new markets, increased military industrial demand, and export growth in the economy's services sector. However, people's incomes have not returned to pre-2014 levels, so the government has only lukewarm public support. Although the region is now less "fragile" than it was reported to be in 2015, Kharkiv's future depends on governance reform and serious investment, much like the rest of Ukraine. Facing these challenges, the region must find a way to invest in its core competences, namely to build on its educational, scientific, and economic potential. This mission requires more than adaptation and survival, but significant change is unlikely to occur as long as Kharkiv's current governing arrangement continues to prioritize stability ... "   CLICK TO READ

The Strange Unreality of Life During Eastern Ukraine's Forgotten War
By Alisa Sopova, Time, Sept 5, 2018

A safe home and a sense of normalcy for displaced families in Ukraine
UNDP, Sept 20, 2018

Three-year-old Larysa and 4-year-old Yuliya smile shyly at the crowd gathering around them. TV cameras zoom in to capture the girls cutting blue ribbons during the inauguration of a centre for internally displaced persons in the quiet town of Balaklia, in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine.
The two girls have had their lives turned upside down in the last several months ... CLICK to read more

Ukraine: Cafe Run by Two Yulias

Ukraine: Cafe Run by Two Yulias

Sloviansk is located in the Donetsk region in Eastern Ukraine, affected by the internal conflict which started in 2015. Two women named Yulia-one local and one internally displaced-decided to open a cafe together with the support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)'s business grant. (Video Courtesy of UNDP Ukraine)

Business development workshops in eastern Ukraine

Putin's war is transforming Ukraine
By Anne Applebaum, The Washinton Post, Sept 23, 2018  
When they first arrived in Lviv, a university rector told me, the students who came from Donetsk walked around in packs, speaking loudly in Russian. They didn't want to speak Ukrainian, as most inhabitants of this city do; they didn't want to integrate. Lviv is in western Ukraine, near the Polish border. Donetsk, hundreds of miles to the east, has been occupied by Russian-backed "separatists" since the Russian invasion in 2014. The new students were "internally displaced persons" - refugees in their own country.
But that first year ended, and the second year was different. By the third year, the rector told me, the students from western Ukraine and the students from eastern Ukraine were nearly indistinguishable - and they aren't alone. Four years have now passed since the invasion, and  the 1.5 million Ukrainians displaced by the war are coping better than might be expected. Most of those who are of working age have jobs. The majority say they trust their neighbors ....  CLICK to read more  


While Catholicism has been embroiled in a crisis of sexual abuse and episcopal malfeasance reaching to the highest levels of the Church, Eastern Orthodoxy may be on the verge of an epic crack-up with major ecumenical and geopolitical consequences.
There are three competing Orthodox jurisdictions in Ukraine today. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is in full communion with, and subordinate to, the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow. Then there are two breakaways from Moscow: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. This tripartite fracture is a scandal, an obstacle to re-evangelizing a broken culture, and an impediment to ecumenism.
The Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople has indicated ... CLICK to read more

Xinhua: China donates 50 ambulances to Ukraine
The donation, worth about US$3.5 million, was granted to Ukraine in accordance with an agreement between Chinese and the Ukrainian governments in 2016.
UNIAN, Sept 25, 2018 

The Chinese government on Monday, September 24, donated 50 ambulances fitted with life-saving equipment to Ukraine. A memorandum to hand over the vehicles was signed in Kyiv by Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine Du Wei and acting Health Minister of Ukraine Ulana Suprun, China's Xinhua reported. The donation, worth about US$3.5 million, was granted to Ukraine in accordance with an agreement  ... CLICK  to read more 

Ukraine to stop Russia 'reversing Cold War outcome' - media
Mr. Williamson is in no doubt that blame lies directly with Mr. Putin.  
UNIAN, Sept 22, 2018

UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson says Britain will increase military support to its ally by sending Royal Marines later this year and increase the presence of Royal Navy patrols in the Black Sea in 2019. 

"We're going to be upping our training and support efforts with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, making sure that the Ukrainian Navy and Ukrainian forces have the skills and the technical ability to deal with these increasing threats," he said  ... CLICK to read more

Coast Guard transferring two armed cutters to Ukraine
By Chris Mills Rodrigo, The Hill, Sept 25, 2018 

The Coast Guard will transfer two armed cutters to Ukraine at a ceremony Thursday in Baltimore, according to CNN, as tensions with Russia in the Sea of Azov have flared in recent weeks.

On Sept. 20, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko confirmed the government's plans to create a new naval base in the sea ...  CLICK to read 

Ukraine: Europe's next frontier economy
By Michael Buryk, Emerging Europe, September 21, 2018

Finding current and reliable news about Ukraine's economy, investment and business in its English-language media can be a challenge. Many articles published today focus on the war in Eastern Ukraine, political infighting and other stories guaranteed to make investors think twice about launching any financial ventures in the country.

The Kyiv Post is probably the best-known English-language news publication in Ukraine. 
But, its news coverage does not focus on the economy or investment. There are other sources like Business Ukraine Magazine, which does offer some economic and financial insight, but it comes out 10 times a month.

In May, James Brooke, a veteran foreign correspondent, started a weekday morning e-newsletter covering economy, investment and ... CLICK to read more

Photo by Courtesy

Kyiv Post, September 14, 2018
7 projects with a value of $3 billion  
China is interested in several infrastructure projects in Ukraine as part of its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. In January, China Harbor Engineering Company deepened the Yuzhny Port in Odesa Oblast, the nation's busiest international port with more than 31 million tons of cargo in 2017. Now the Beijing-based company started its second dredging project in Ukraine in the Port of Chornomorsk near  Odesa.


MadeinUkaineTechStartupEdition  is a monthly podcast series produced and hosted by Mike Buryk, a member of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's Board of Advisors, a long-time Foundation supporter and business development advisor.    Start listening today ... go to  https://soundcloud.com/ukrainetech/ .

An interview with Anna Pryjmak, CEO and co-founder of Sirocco Energy

Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, Sirocco Energy has developed a wind panel which is a linear wind generator for distributed energy production. It is especially designed to operate in an urban environment. Anna talks about how the company was founded, its product and plans for growth.  

For additional information, contact Michael Buryk at:  

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Ukraine's Ports Show Struggles to Join Global Economy
The government wants to attract foreign investors, but there are some familiar risks.
By James M. Gomez and Kateryna Choursina, Bloomberg, September 20, 2018

Gleaming silos, towering container cranes and hulking cargo ships docked at quaysides in Europe's biggest corn and sunflower producer should be a symbol of an agricultural exporting powerhouse.

Instead, it's a cautionary tale of how Ukraine may squander another opportunity ...

CLICK to read  more
Ukrainian Drone Company enters the American Market
Ukrainian entrepreneur and engineer Yuri Pederii, the founder of the AeroDrone start-up that develops industrial grade payload UAVs for crop spraying has formed a cooperation agreement with longtime business associate, the American born finance entrepreneur, Mark Erjavec.
The newly formed Aero Fleet One Corporation has been established specifically to invest into the heavy payload UAV industry and the emerging adaptation of Beyond Visual Line of Sight UAV by identifying, investing into and marketing proven UAV equipment, technology and services that bring value to established industries around the world.
Mark Erjavec with Yuri Pederii 
The cooperation agreement gives Aero Fleet One the rights to market and operate AeroDrone technology in North, Central and South America. Through a joint initiative of Aero Fleet One Corporation and the Economic Development Commision of Tioga North Dakota, public demonstrations and outreach events for the Aero Drone DR-20 and DR-60 are planned over the next year.
In Spring-Summer 2018 AeroDrone was a member of Ukrainian business incubator and was awarded 2nd place as the most innovative project for an agricultural purpose.  In December 2018, Yuri and his team will head to Israel to introduce their technology for the local market and meet other AgTech start-ups and potential partners.
Follow us via our website:  www.aerofleet.one  for news and additional information useful for potential customers and partners.   
Contact Mark Erjavec at email: mark@markerjavec.com for more information. 

The New York Times Travel Show
January 25-27, 2019 at the Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Plans to Represent Ukraine, again!
USUF represented Ukraine at the 2017 & 2018 New York Times Travel Shows.
Join us in 2019!

The  2019 New York Times Travel Show will be one of the most successful international celebration of travel, food and culture ever!  Mark your calendars for the 2019  Travel Show, which will take place from January 25 - 27. 
Many of the past exhibitors and sponsors have already indicated they will be reserving their same space and more than 100 new organizations have expressed interest or already signed up to exhibit at the event.  The 2018   Show was one of the most-highly attended Travel Show ever.  The New York Times Travel Show, the largest of its kind in North America, is widely regarded as the "gateway show" for the world's travel destinations wishing to present to the U.S. market.

Note:  The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation welcomes inquiries from travel agencies, hotels, airlines, restaurants, conference centers, etc., for trade show representation. 

For more information:  Contact us! 
Email:  info@usukraine.org    Tel: 202-789-4467






~ World Premiere ~
Baba Babee Skazala
at the
Fall 2018 New Jersey Film Festival

New Brunswick, NJ - October 7, 2018 -   Baba Babee Skazala  [Grandmother Told  Grandmother], a documentary film by Verona, NJ resident, and first-time filmmaker, Matej Silecky, will have its World Premiere at the Fall 2018 New Jersey Film Festival, Sunday October 7, 2018, 7 PM. The screening will be held at Voorhees Hall #105, 71 Hamilton Street/College Avenue Campus, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. It will be followed by a Q&A session with Matej and others involved in the production of the film (others TBA). Tickets are available in advance; details at www.njfilmfest.com.

Baba Babee Skazala tells the little-known story of Ukrainian children torn from their homes in the crush between the Nazi and Soviet fronts in World War II. Spending their childhood as refugees in Europe, these inspiring individuals later immigrated to the United States, creating new homes and communities through their grit, faith and deep belief in the importance of preserving culture. It is Matej's first film, and is the culmination of over 35 oral history interviews uncovering the experiences of these survivors.
Other New Jerseyans who were part of the team include: Rutgers University professor, Dr. Alexander Motyl, who provides historic background for the film; Cinematographer (select locations) and former Verona, NJ resident, Evan Yee; Producer and long-time Verona resident, Julie Parker. All the works selected for the festival were screened by a panel of 15 judges including media professionals, journalists, students, and academics. These judges selected the 22 Finalist/Official Selection films which will be publicly screened at our Festival. These were selected from over 507 works submitted by filmmakers from around the world.

Matej is the Founding Director of Kitsune Tale Productions, LLC, but is perhaps best known for being the Runner Up on ITV's "Dancing On Ice" 2018, with his celebrity partner, Brooke Vincent of ITV's "Coronation Street." Matej earned a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from UC Berkeley and a minor in Theater, Dance & Performance Studies. He developed Baba Babee Skazala while at UC Berkeley, and is excited it is having its premiere in his home state.

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ABLC Global will be home to 17 distinctive Summits, Workshops and Forums and three organizations under one big tent. Dozens of international high-level delegations and the focus and energy of ABLC and its "Networking Like Crazy" focus on cooperation, collaboration, partnership, deal-making and trend-spotting.

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