April 23 2020
Boredom Busters
Not sure what to do at home all day? We've come up with several activities to keep you and your family active and entertained! From simple at home exercises to getting creative in the kitchen, these activities will be fun for everyone. If you have recipes, activities or tips to share, email us at recreation@townofpalmbeach.com
Fit Kids
Are the kids getting a little restless? Take a few minutes throughout the day to get them moving.
Family Pictionary

The main items you need (besides players) are paper, markers or crayons and words to draw!

From there, the basic game play consists of someone picking a card and drawing the word while other players try to guess what they are drawing.

Generally players are split into two teams. Each person on the team will rotate to take turns drawing while the others shout out their guesses.

Players don't have a lot of time to think about what they will draw. It's designed to be drawn quickly rather than super detailed as the rest of the team tries to guess correctly before the timer runs out.
Tracie's Music Together: Jack-in-the-Box
Net Generation's & USTA Tennis Skills and Drills

Don't have access to a tennis court or net? Check out our links below to practice your skills with these fun at home drills. New drills added each time.

Active Adults: Mind, Body & Soul
5 Ways To Eat More Vegetables

Looking for more creative ideas to add more veggies into your diet? Most of us don’t get enough vegetables in our diet. In fact, 90% of Americans don’t get their minimum recommended 2-3 servings of vegetables a day. For most vegetables, 1 cup is a serving, for green leafy veggies such as salad mix the serving size is usually 2 cups. Vegetables supply a good deal of healthy nutrients to the body; they are a great source of fiber, potassium, foliate in vitamin A.

Here are 5 easy and tasty ways to eat more vegetables:

1. Add vegetables in to your breakfast- Eating produce in the morning can help you maintain a healthy weight as well as kick starts your nutrient intake for the day. Eating breakfast in the morning helps support a healthy BMI so why not throw some veggies in? You can add the vegetable of your choice into your morning egg scramble or into a morning smoothie.

2. Snack on Vegetables -Snacking on vegetables throughout the day will help you fill up in between meals which should help prevent feeling starved for dinner. Eating veggies throughout the day helps to also meet that 1-2 minimum vegetable quota. You can do this by cutting your vegetables up right after you buy them. Examples are cut up celery, peppers, carrots or cucumbers and store in refrigerator.

3. Use Vegetables for lettuce wraps - Substituting lettuce for carbohydrates can help with vegetable and calorie intake. Swapping out sandwich bread for butter lettuce, Swiss chard or cabbage leaves can make a fun spin on your lunch or dinner recipes.

4. Turn Vegetables into chips - Make eating vegetables more fun by making homemade veggie chips! Baking thin slices of sweet potatoes, kale leaves or Brussels sprouts with a little sea salt can add a crunchy snack or side dish.

5. Use Vegetables for noodles - Change up pasta night by making vegetables out of noodles instead! This can be done with a spiralizer or vegetable peeler. The best options for veggie noodles are zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips. Add some pasta sauce and eat up!

Better Together
Virtual 5K Series

Join us in the last of the Better Together Virtual 5K Series. This is a great way to get the entire family outdoors and moving!

May 1 – 3
Family Fun:
Bring your family along on your 5K

Chicken Burritos

Filling and delicious!

Mini Cannoli Bites

A little bite with big taste!

Kids Corner
Book Nook

Owl and the Pussycat for grades K-2

Join celebrities as they read children’s stories and present discussions and crafts at
Coloring Sheets and Art Projects
Disney's Squirt 3D Paper Craft
Coloring Sheet
Artful Adults
Coloring Pages

Clay Tray

Use our air dry clay recipe to create a beautiful tray to hold jewelry, keys, or other small items.

Once you make the clay, decide what shape you what your tray to be.

Roll the clay out to about a 1/4" thick. You can use a rolling pin or can of veggies to roll your clay out.

Using an object based on the shape you want (small plate, square lid), lay the object over the clay and cut around the edges with a butter or craft knife.

Using your fingers, turn up and crimp the edges of clay to form a shallow tray or bowl.

Let air dry at least 24 hours, then paint as desired.
Youth Games

Adult Games
Sit back and stretch your mind as you work your way through these fun brain games.

The Virtual World
Zoos and Aquariums 
South Florida Science Center & Aquarium Live and Virtual Programs

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society: Follow the Animals on Facebook

The Cincinnati Zoo: Facebook Live Feed Check in around 3 p.m.

Atlanta Zoo: "Panda Cam" live-stream

Georgia Aquarium: A quarium's Live Cam.

Houston Zoo: L ive Cam,

The Shedd Aquarium: Facebook.

San Diego Zoo: Live Cam

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Monterey Bay's Habitat Exhibit.

National Aquarium: F loor-By-Floor Tour
Museums and Exhibits
Travel plans interrupted? Local museums and exhibits closed? Why not sit back, relax and "visit" a museum or exhibit by going on a virtual tour in the comfort of your own home.

Community Resources
Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus | Child Mind Institute

What parents and other adults can say to kids about the coronavirus COVID-19. How to answer their questions and keep kids feeling safe.

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