RED ALERT:   Hawaii GOP Insider Tells HIRA "The Party Has Zero"

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Aloha, Republican:
A few days ago, HIRA received an 'insider tip' from rail tax increase supporter and career legislator Bob McDermott --that the Hawaii Republican Party is broke ("the party has zero") and that it has no intention of helping Republican candidates anywhere in the entire state; either with direct financial support or by investing in commercials and/or mailers to make the case for Republicans on the ballot.
Yes, the party (our state GOP) has zero.   They sunk the ship before Election Day, when the usual goal in politics is to get the party organization to reach its peak strength on Election Day.

In fact, McDermott made it crystal clear that GOP leaders who do NOT help Republicans to get elected by refusing to put "skin in the game" are "full of bullshit".  Of course, this is pretty ironic since McDermott enthusiastically endorsed Team Hellreich's continued reign over our party for four more years just this past May at the party's state convention.  So it's no wonder our party is in huge trouble.  But anyway . . .
With just one week until the election, while it's sad to see the same old RINO's and their henchmen taking our party downhill, it's nice to at last hear so many others come to regard phony Republicans like Miriam Hellreich, Fritz Rohlfing, Barbara Marumoto, and Pat Saiki the way HIRA sees them:  useless and, as Bob puts it, "all talk".  A bunch of power-hungry do-nothings, as HIRA puts it, who have controlled our beleaguered party for decades.  Party leaders even wasted all the money McDermott raised for his own re-election campaign but 're-gifted' that money to the wasteful party instead.  Such a shame.

Perhaps, Rep. McDermott has come to be just as displeased as HIRA -- with the Hawaii GOP lavishly blowing $15,000 per month on overhead alone, providing "zero" assistance to either the Republican message or to candidates themselves.  Perhaps, after actively helping Hellreich to tighten her grip on the Hawaii GOP and thereby screw his fellow GOP candidates on the ballot in 2016, McDermott has 'evolved' to become displeased and even embarrassed that the state party is 'running deeply in the red' and is now plowing through specially raised monies for the party's mortgage (you know these funds that HIRA warned about -- $$ raised specifically to pay for Team Hellreich's fancy suite of offices through many fancy fundraisers in recent years specifically to fund the ill-advised real estate acquisition of that fancy headquarters).  Hey, this is just like HART and rail McDermott gave HART higher taxes, they blew through that money, and now HART is coming back for billions more.  Good judgment (and political loyalty) is in such short supply these days.

Anyway, while HIRA is critical of McDermott on many issues -- such as his advocacy of higher taxes, massive state budgets full of waste, and his extremely questionable commitment to providing tens of thousands of illegal aliens here in Hawaii with driver's licenses so they can illegally compete for jobs in the islands with legal American citizens -- McDermott is exactly right to raise the current state of bankruptcy of the Hawaii GOP, since the perennial misuse and misallocation of donor funds by party leaders is downright unacceptable.

How the party blows so much money year after year, month after month, without making a dent in the electability of Democrats and without undermining their rationale for staying in office year after year makes party leaders full of you-know-what, just like McDermott saysIt's just too bad that McDermott actually helped put these pathetic officers in power at the Hawaii GOP, already knowing their longstanding and sorry record for driving our party into the ditch and racking up massive losses each election year.  Indeed, along with Miriam Hellreich's re-election as national committeewoman for the Hawaii GOP, McDermott's fellow legislator and career politician Gene Ward (seen here posing with Aulani Kaaihue) got elected as national committeeman.  Never mind the fact that Ward was directly responsible for ALL HAWAII REPUBLICANS in the State House of Representatives voting to create Hawaii's Obamacare Connector which cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars we will never see again.  Again, good judgment is in really short supply.

DOING OUR PART:   Considering how microscopic HIRA's budget is in comparison with the beleaguered, bloated and Democrat-infiltrated Hawaii GOP, the conservative Hawaii Republican Assembly and our official SuperPAC HIRA Action have been steadily investing in fixing our party and in helping Hawaii Republicans to make the case against Democrats.
In one particular political race of interest, Ewa Beach residents are currently being misrepresented by liberal Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter Matt LoPresti.  Through HIRA's efforts, voters are learning about LoPresti's unfitness for office.
In fact, as of today, HIRA Action's financial investment in the highly contested race to represent District 41 in the State House of Representatives, more than 12,000 Ewa Beach residents have watched HIRA Action's targeted video which sets the record straight about LoPresti's nasty habit of improperly using law enforcement to attack his political opponents, as well as using his friends in the media to lie about himself and about his strong Republican opponent, Bryan Jeremiah.  [please donate to Bryan Jeremiah HERE]
Coming on the heels of months of investment by HIRA and HIRA Action in messaging to educate Ewa residents about "crazy talking" Matt LoPresti, HIRA Action's video is described by McDermott (and many others) as "really good".  Considering that McDermott is the guy who 'outed'  Beth Fukumoto as a likely party-switcher to the Democrat Party after the 2016 election , that's pretty cool to hear.
If you think that McDermott's revelation about the Hawaii GOP's self-inflicted financial and political problems are mind-blowing, you can get the full story in Willes Lee's monthly report -- available either by e-mail subscription (send an e-mail with the subject line "subscribe" to or by visiting Beware, Lee's 2-part monthly reports are full of hard-hitting truths and unassailable facts and research.  Certainly not for the thin-skinned or the faint of heart.  But, it's must reading if you want Republicans in Hawaii to start winning and making a difference.
Willes Lee, a serious full-spectrum conservative, is the national director for the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) and also the nationwide president for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (HIRA's parent organization).  Previously, Willes Lee was the chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party (back when Linda Lingle was governor).
Here's a brief and relevant excerpt from Lee's November report, which just came out today.  After reading just these two paragraphs, you'll see how highly credible and well-sourced his information surely is.


-HRP  FEC   September is RED, AGAIN.  No evidence of Hellreich or Ward fundraising, Rohlfing STILL refuses to make phone appeals.  Receipts $4,955 = 1,955 contributions (least amount of the year) + 2,000 RNC + 0 from an empty state account, and a 1k in-kind donation.  FEC Sustaining Donors: 4/14 Exec Cmte (no Ward, no Rohlfing, only 1/4 county chair, 1/5 state vice chair), 3/51 District chairs, 1 party member.  When leaders don't buy in, don't expect others to do so.  Disbursements $13,970 = $3345 Tagavilla salary+1179 payroll tax+348 health insurance, 266 taxes, 1476 mortgage, 2752 building maintenance, 1528 accounting (they were calling this compliance) and another 988 in kind accounting, 253 phone, 152 cable, 734 copier, 150 MailChimp, 296 printing and 253 mailing, 867 email list rental for Ostrov, 876 email rent for Carroll.  Again, zero electioneering, staff hires, candidate support, communicationsCoH for operations about 1k + empty CSC + 5k counties. 29k mortgage account for 95k remaining mortgage.
No funds for 2016 campaigns & elections.  HRP red 29/45 past reports.  This cycle 16/23 months in the RED.  Since January 1, 2015 HRP is RED 38k i.e. living off the RNC funds Saiki did NOT use to elect 2014 Rs.  15 Rohlfing months, even with $30k from Presidential campaigns, CC event, LDD and National Convention, has Rohlfing/Hellreich/Ward (R/H/W) shortfall of 48.5k.  Last 7 months, receipts 80k, disbursements 121k for a net loss of 41k.  HRP is RED 9 of past 11 months.  Four months in a row underwater, red 3/3 under R/H/W.
-Of the 5k receipts, 1k is an in-kind and 2k is an RNC handout.  Your STATE party push (Rohlfing's 'let's raise 50k' email?) raised 2k.  It is almost impossible for a state party to raise only 2k in a month especially at election when donors are most generous.
-The concept is to have sustaining donors cover routine monthly costs.  HQ receives $290/month (10 donors), which doesn't cover their 15k/month expenses.
-RNC sent $2k this month, after none the previous two.  ALL resources should go to a Presidential battleground or a targeted US Senate race.  This is one reason less people contribute to RNC.
-Oops.  August 29 HQ transferred 5k+ into FEC account from CSC account, but there is no record of it leaving their CSC account.  Six months after cutting ties with IMS accounting, still reporting problems.
-R/H/W dipping into the kitty.  Most organizations require board members to contribute.  Most HRP Exec Cmte members have contributed ZERO this election cycle.  Before breaking Hellreich's absolute guarantee that mortgage funds are for ONLY mortgage, the 14-member Exec Cmte should pony up.
-You elected them.  State convention delegates snowed by electing Ward and, again, Hellreich.  No evidence of either in our again upside-down finance report.
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Next Tuesday marks 24 long months since the 2014 General Election.  Soon, HIRA will be asking you to think about a much better way forward for Republicans in Hawaii.  But for the next seven days, let's focus on doing all we can to play the hand we've been dealt.  After enduring eight long years of failed Obama pollicies and eight long years of experiencing Democrats crushing the people of Hawaii to the breaking point, it's now or never . . . until 2018, that is.  Thanks for all you're doing to help the cause! 


Chairman, Hawaii Republican Assembly


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