Conservative party leaders elected across the state in last month's party caucuses are being targeted for removal from office.  Less than one month after the votes were counted, the same phony "republicans" in power at HRP -- the ones who lead Republicans to defeat in election after election in Hawaii -- are panicked and ready to employ any and all means to evict non-liberals from party posts.


We have never seen this forceful of a push from our liberals down at headquarters on any matter regarding anything they are charged to do, but now that their hold on power is threatened, they snap-up and start stooping to the lowest levels.


Three weeks ago, HIRA told you about conservative party members who had just been victorious in winning seats on the party's state committee by winning their caucuses to become one of 51 district chairs statewideToday, EVERY SINGLE ONE of these featured conservative activists has received notice that he or she is targeted for removal by Pat Saiki, Miriam Hellreich and Freddy 'Fritz' Rohlfing, Jr.


While not a single member of Saiki's executive committee has been fired or urged to resign by the longtime pro-abortion activist and reigning party chair for their dereliction of duty over the past two years (e.g. the vice chair for coalitions forming zero workable political coalitions), the Saiki/Hellreich cabal has become decidedly 'legalistic' and has been actively serving formal notices upon conservatives that they are not welcome as district chairs in the Democrat Lite HRP


Now that war has been openly declared, here are some highlighted battles which are being fought right now:



Marian Grey was unsuccessfully challenged for the position of district chair by local attorney Jim Hochberg.  Marian Grey tried several times, within the submission guidelines, to fax her paperwork into GOP HQ, but get this . . . the fax machine was in use/broken/purposely turned off, who knows?.  Whatever the reason, she could not fax her results into the party.  When Marian Grey tried to call HQ several times, there was no answer; she had no means to get downtown because now an upcoming trip constrained her timeline.  So her results (which were copied and the originals kept with Marian) were put in a sealed envelope for the Honolulu County GOP's vice-chair (county chair Fritz Rohlfing's close associate Nancy Moynahan) to deliver to party headquarters.  Now, the party is saying they received all of the paperwork from that night . . . all the paperwork EXCEPT for the form showing that Grey beat Hochberg!!!!!! 


What an amazing turn of events.  Obama would be proud.  Now, Grey has received formal notice from party headquarters (written and signed by Fritz Rohlfing himself) that the party will spend donor money to rent a school in or near Hawaii Kai so that Saiki's party can hold and manipulate a brand new election to decide who shall be the district chair for Hawaii Kai for the next two years.  Adding insult to injury, Rohlfing pointedly told Grey that she has been ruled unqualified to even participate in this Saturday's first post-caucus meeting of the State Committee at party headquarters.  E Komo Mai.


As stated, the caucus "re-election" is being held again on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, beginning at 7:00 p.m., at the Aina Haina Elementary School Cafeteria.  Remember, a person must be registered with the Party by Sunday, March 8, 2015, to be eligible to vote (10 days before the scheduled election meeting.  If you are registering to participate, make sure you scan and email your registration to so there is a record).  Please get involved and vote for conservative stalwart Marian Grey.



Extreme liberal Republican in Name Only Cynthia Thielen certainly invited a primary challenge in 2014 thanks to her extremely consistent support for the Democrat's fiscally and socially liberal agenda and legislation at the State Capitol.  Her strong challenger, conservative Joan Hood, chose to invest her political time since the election trying to build our weak GOP from the ground up.  She and her team worked over two caucus cycles to register conservative Republicans and generate more participation in the GOP political process.  Her effort to become district chair in Kailua sent liberal party leaders into a frenzy.  They fielded their own candidate who likely took the same pledge as Saiki's other drones on the state committee ('don't actually do anything in your community to enhance the prospect of success for Republican policies or candidates for the next two years, just phone in to a short quarterly meeting at party headquarters and tow the liberal line'). 


Well, Ms. Hood emerged victorious after three recounts demanded by liberals that night in February 2015.  But now, Saiki wants to keep counting the votes until she gets the liberal she wants on the state committee.  Guess what??!?!  A new election has been announced in Kailua.  The party wants to spend donor money on renting a school in or near Kailua so that it can hold and manipulate another election for this district chair position. 


Clearly, having Thielen's rival serve in a party post is unthinkable.  Which is why the phony Republicans who run the state GOP actually disqualified multiple caucus voters who supported Hood last month ('sorry, after a very light investigation, we suddenly can't seem to find your membership paperwork in our records') while -- not surprisingly -- not a single supporter of Thielen-backed opponent at the caucus was even considered for disqualification by party leaders.


HIRA can attest that at other caucuses, people showed up swearing they are registered Republicans, but were not on the rosters given to district chairs.  This points to either administrative incompetence, purposeful manipulation, or both


Again, this "re-election" will be held Monday, March 16th at 7:00 p.m. at either Kailua High School - if available, or Kailua Intermediate School.  A person must be registered with the Party by Monday, March 6th to be eligible to vote (10 days before). 


Participate, support, and vote for solid unwavering conservative Joan Hood.




It is reported, but not yet confirmed, that Jame Schaedel's position as a newly-elected district chair in West Oahu is under similar attack, since he had the nerve to unseat longtime GOP obstructionist Mark Moses from that position . . . the very same Mark Moses who made it his life's mission to put Hawaii's Republican Party firmly on record as being completely neutral on each and every issue facing the islands by enacting our empty "LLIFE" platform during his destructive tenure as chairman of the platform committee (a position one attains by being appointed directly by the party chair).  Hellreich has ensured that Moses retained this position despite a rotating cast of party chairs, including Jonah Kaauwai, Beth Fukumoto, David Chang, and now Pat Saiki whose embrace of party neutrality is legendary.  More to follow as reports come in.




While the left-leaning power mongers at HQ sit idle without a whimper and circle the wagons to protect their own self-interests, the Democrats at City Hall and the State Capitol are enacting their agenda with impunity.  Island Democrats couldn't be any prouder of their fellow travelers at the Hawaii Republican Party.  The same RINO's who have ordered a 'stand down' that eliminates any possibility of an organized Republican effort to block the worst aspects of Democrat agenda at the State Legislature and at City Hall are focusing scarce resources to lead a scandalous purge of conservatives who actually want to fight Democrats and their agenda.


For the past two years, Fritz Rohlfing has disregarded his position as chairman of the Honolulu County Republican Party.  This lack of action ensured that precincts and districts are too worthless and weak to take on the reigning Democrats.  The rules of the county party and the state party which get violated over and over and over suddenly matter when Rollfing sits down to write formal letters in his quest to help Saiki and Hellreich purge conservatives.  However, it is unknown if Saiki wrote a lawyerly letter to Rohlfing or any of the other RINO party leaders for their nonfeasance, misfeasance or malfeasance over the past two years.


Indeed, while Fritz has lately been in the mood to pretend he cares about the party's rules by invoking twisted interpretations of these rules to justify the party conservative purge attempt, he showed no signs of resigning (or even writing himself a reprimand) for ignoring state and county party rules which reveal that Rohlfing only did about 1% of his job during the past two years while Republicans went down in flames in 2014.  Saiki and Hellreich must be very, very proud of this shameless propensity for falsified selective 'enforcement' in furtherance of killing any opposition to the liberals within the GOP.


Ladies and gentlemen, there's a war raging within our party.  This is because liberals, cowards, and non-confrontational sissies have infiltrated 725 Kapiolani Boulevard.  These are the people charged with fighting Democrats to protect our lives, liberty, and property.  These are no small matters.  Look around you; things are not getting better, but far far worse.  HIRA has scrupulously outlined the threats to us over and over again. 

We have to take action.



By the way, the last two keynote speakers at Hellreich's Lincoln Day Dinner just voted for Obama's amnesty, and our local party's leaders are sitting on the sidelines while Democrats are raising taxes on everybody in Hawaii.  Just thought you should know.