Rather than trying to make conservatives, real Republicans, and angry reformers feel welcome in the Hawaii Republican Party, the establishment leaders at the Hawaii GOP have joined with mainland establishment party leaders in the bashing of conservatives.
Recent media coverage of the upcoming Hawaii Presidential Caucus has revealed the fault lines in our beleaguered state party, which has been  controlled for decades by RINO's for the sake of keeping conservatives and their ideas from exercising any influence at all in Hawaii politics.
Beth Fukumoto, the current GOP leader in the State House blames the Republican Party's embrace of conservative ideas:  "The establishment in the GOP countenanced these very extreme ideas so that behind the scenes, the GOP was building this base of people and now it seems uncontrollable."
Fukumoto, a former state GOP chairwoman after leading the effort to oust conservative former party chair Jonah Kaauwai, rejects conservatism by adding:  "The direction the primary seems to be going is much further to the right than I would like to see."
Joining Fukumoto in making conservatives feel unwelcome in their own party, RINO Pat Saiki focuses her venom on front-runner Donald Trump and his supporters.
As if already spinning a justification for a local electoral disaster for Republicans knowing how little the Hawaii GOP has done to pave the way for success by Republican candidates, Saiki is already blaming Donald Trump for GOP losses in Hawaii.
Saiki said Trump has done major damage to the Republican Party in Hawaii and across the country and she worried a state already dominated by Democrats will suffer even more Republican losses at the polls:  "I think he's torn us apart. He really has made us seem as though we don't care about people."
Let's be honest.  Jeb Bush supporter turned John Kasich (or Marco Rubio) supporter Pat Saiki simply hates Donald Trump and hates all conservative ideasSaiki has pushed for years to make the Hawaii Republican Party officially neutral on any and all issues in its official platform.
On the other hand, island conservatives think that a conservative message is exactly what Hawaii needsFar from hurting Republicans, Kimo Sutton from Hawaii's Donald Trump campaign said Trump is helping their election chances.  "Democrats are coming across to vote for Trump, Independents are coming out. People never before that have not voted in a caucus or a primary for Republicans.  So this is helping the Republican Party immensely."
Ted Cruz campaign leader ( and HIRA's national directorWilles Lee said he also expects a good turnout given the national interest in the primary , but said that there has not been as much marketing, advertising or other publicity to focus attention on the GOP caucus voting this year as there was in 2012.
Of course!!  That's because the Hawaii GOP's establishment RINO leadership doesn't want to risk having a bunch of new members toss them out and start moving the party in a more conservative direction.
"What I'm hoping is all the campaigns are working so hard, between us and Trump and the Rubio guys, that the party takes advantage of this, but we're not seeing that this year, either," Lee said. "The desire for many Republicans ... most of us in Hawaii, would be to see our local party become something other than irrelevant."
Also sounding off is Hawaii's highest-ranking Republican office holder, Sam Slom, who disagrees with Saiki, Fukumoto and others who are critical of conservative voices and policies.  While Slom has not supported Trump's campaign, he doesn't like the Republican establishment ganging up on him.
" To have the party, the establishment, try to take over what the grassroots think and what they want to do and what they want to vote. That's why people are angry." Slom said.
Slom said he originally supported Dr. Ben Carson, who is ending his presidential campaign, so Slom now supports conservative Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.
Slom said he is not worried that a Trump presidential campaign will hurt Republican electoral chances in Hawaii and elsewhere.
"A lot of people here vote for the candidate. They say they're Democrats, but they'll vote for a Republican if that Republican will stand up for something," Slom said.
You're exactly right, Sam SlomYour own existence in the State Senate proves the point, even though the Democrats (and Hawaii RINO's) keep trying silence your voice.
But RINO's control the Hawaii Republican Party.  So once the Hawaii caucus is over next week, it's time for conservatives to come together and rescue our Hawaii party -- a party hijacked by liberals like Saiki, Fukumoto and other Republicans in name only who stand for nothing except retaining power and renewing their country club membership in the GOP establishment.
Good luck to all candidates in next week's Hawaii GOP Presidential Caucus.  Once this battle is over, the war for the heart and soul of our party begins.


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