Oahu Democrats are Coming for your Wallet
- Take Action Today

Aloha Republicans:

Speak up now or forever watch your tax dollars get flushed down the sewer.
While the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop or even warn its members about the proposed $1.6 billion tax increase being considered at tomorrow's City Council hearing , the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) strongly urges you to fight back against this horrible legislation.

An unholy alliance of rail lobbyists, the mayor and the Nine Democrats (including one former Republican) on the Honolulu City Council are coming to pick your pocket.  Right now, these incompetent, bought-off Democrat politicians, their greedy campaign contributors from the rail project consortium, and their friends in the local news media are plotting to make Hawaii even more expensive for everyone else in order to enrich themselves.

Now that the City and HART have gone WAY, WAY OVER BUDGET with the wasteful and mismanaged rail project -- from the promised $3 billion budget to the continually revised $6.5 billion and growing budget -- they want to keep the rail tax going for ANOTHER FIVE YEARS.

The Democrat State Legislature and Democrat Governor Ige already signed off on this extension . . . BUT, the final decision on this governmental malpractice rests with the Honolulu City Council .

And TOMORROW they will be holding a hearing and then voting for the 2nd of three times in a process which could very well approve Bill 23.

Oahu cannot afford FIVE MORE YEARS of this Rail Tax Greed.  In fact, council chair Ernie Martin admitted in this morning's Star-Advertiser that Bill 23 will actually overcharge taxpayers by collecting taxes for more years than necessary.

So while HRP's liberal leadership is waving the white flag of surrender and hiding behind its official platform of being neutral on any and all issues facing the people of Hawaii, HIRA urges you to call, write and/or visit YOUR member of the City Council RIGHT AWAY.  If you have time, testify tomorrow -- either in person or in writing.

There isn't much time before Bill 23 sucks another $1.6 BILLION out of your pockets in new taxes.

Do what you can today to keep them from pushing through a FIVE YEAR EXTENSION of the punishing rail tax which makes all goods and services you buy more expensive for the benefit of a project designed to enrich Democrat donors rather than alleviate traffic.


Here's everything you need to put up a good fight . . . info on tomorrow's hearing and how you can either testify live OR submit written testimony.  Also, here's how you can call or write to your city council member.  THIS IS URGENT.  They need to know how strongly you feel in your opposition to wasteful spending and higher taxes.


While our state and county parties have let us down again and again, such as HRP's refusal to fight this tax hike at the legislature earlier this year and now at the City Council, you don't need to sit on your hands like Fritz Rohlfing, Miriam Hellreich, Richard Fale, and Pat Saiki.   What's the point of our party having an expensive headquarters filled with overpaid cronies if we never say or do anything?  You can be an energized Republican activist who makes a difference.  Don't stay silent and neutral like HRP's leadership.  JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY!!!



Special thanks to Hawaii GOP officers Mark Torreano and Rita Kama-Kimura for being the latest party officers to break ranks and endorse HIRA's political attacks on Democrats and express enthusiastic support for our organization's hard-hitting methods, even while knowing that the Hawaii Republican Party is officially neutral and silent on issues and about Democrats.  Torreano took time off from selling HRP's fraudulent fundraiser tickets to let HIRA know he appreciated our "Good attack on liberals."  Kama-Kimura, a close associate of party officer Mary Smart (who was recently duped into buying tickets for the party's controversial 'bait and switch' fundraiser) told HIRA in no uncertain terms:  "I like it . . . very well done!"


With the Hawaii Republican Party in full surrender mode -- sitting silently on the sidelines and being officially neutral on this and all other issues -- won't you please join the fight today by joining the Hawaii Republican Action SuperPAC.

Please donate today so we can educate and persuade the public before Democrats pull a fast one on the people of Hawaii.

Please make a difference before it's too late to act .  They want to shove this tax increase down our throats before we realize what happened.

Hawaii will never be the same if Democrats and their allies succeed.  Kokua by joining us and lending your support today!

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Join us today and change Hawaii tomorrow.