August 2019 - In this issue:  UN-REDD Programme Gender Updates

Dear colleagues, due to the workspace being down last weekend, the links in this newsletter were not available. Now that it is fixed we are re-sending you the ROUND UP on gender. Enjoy !

The UN-REDD Programme is pleased to share updates on new gender and REDD+ knowledge products and a new online space for exchanging information. These tools aim to help partner countries and stakeholders incorporate a gender approach into their REDD+ actions, as well as provide information on how a gender approach is integrated into UN-REDD Programme support.

The UN-REDD Gender Marker Rating System
Acknowledging the critical role of gender in REDD+, the UN-REDD Programme has been striving to systematically promote gender equality in its work since 2008. As a result of these efforts, the need was identified for a more holistic, systematic and comparable approach to measuring how gender has been integrated into UN-REDD work. In response, the UN-REDD Gender Marker Rating System was created in 2017 to track and monitor the gender responsiveness of UN-REDD's technical assistance.
An information brief that details the scale, criteria and application of Gender Marker Rating System has been prepared and can be viewed and downloaded

Members of the ethnic Dao minority in Chu Kan Ho village, Tong Sanh Commune, Lao Cai Province, Viet Nam. (Photo by: Leona Liu / UN-REDD Programme)

La traducción al español del Informe Metodológico de ONU-REDD sobre Género está disponible
Este Informe metodológico sobre género (2017) define el enfoque del Programa ONU-REDD acerca de la igualdad de género y el empoderamiento de las mujeres. Fundamentado en las experiencias, buenas prácticas y lesiones adquiridas en el Programa ONU-REDD, y como complemento a sus directrices y herramientas sobre la cuestión de género, el presente informe metodológico constituye una herramienta de referencia orientada a la acción. Su propósito consiste en facilitar orientación y puntos de partida a los países asociados de ONU-REDD y a sus equipos de apoyo para poner en práctica y monitorear de manera eficaz el enfoque de género que se describe en el Marco Estratégico del Programa ONU-REDD 2016-2020.
Para descargar la traducción al español, por favor haga clic aquí. .

The UN-REDD Methodological Brief on Gender
The UN-REDD Methodological Brief on Gender (2017) defines the approach of the UN-REDD Programme on gender equality and women's empowerment. Building on the UN-REDD's experiences, good practices and lessons learned and complementing the UN-REDD's existing guidance and tools on gender, the Methodological Brief is an action-oriented reference tool. It aims to provide guidance and entry points to UN-REDD partner countries and their support teams on how the Gender Approach detailed in the 2016 - 2020 UN-REDD Strategic Framework can be effectively operationalized and monitored.
To download the Spanish translation, please click  here.

Checklist for Gender-Responsive REDD+ Workshops 
In its efforts to support its partner countries and development practitioners in meaningfully integrating a gender perspective into their policies and institutional commitments for REDD+, the UN-REDD Programme has developed a Checklist for Gender-Responsive Workshops. It is a simple, concise and easy to use two-page checklist that provides concrete guidance for workshop organizers in designing and implementing gender-responsive REDD+ workshops at the regional, national or local levels. This, in turn, can help all women and men REDD+ stakeholders in equitably and meaningfully participating in national and sub-national REDD+ action.
The checklist is now available on the UN-REDD Workspace in  English French  and  Spanish .

(Photo by: Timothy Boyle / UN-REDD Programme)

New Gender and REDD+ Group on the UN-REDD Workspace

With the purpose of establishing a community of practice on gender and REDD+, a
Gender and REDD+ Group has been set up on the UN-REDD Workspace to allow knowledge and experience to be shared amongst colleagues. All are welcome to join this group, and everyone's perspectives on gender-related matters in his/her field of work around REDD+ are key to helping ensure gender is integrated in REDD+ in an effective and sustainable manner.

It just takes a few steps to sign up for the Gender and REDD+ Group. In order to be part of the group, you need to be a member of the UN-REDD Workspace.  If you are not a member of the Workspace, please sign up at the following : .

Once a member, please log into the Workspace and click on the following link to be routed to the Gender and REDD+ Group home page: .  Once you are on the home page, click on the blue "Join Group" button.  Alternatively, you can email the UN-REDD Gender Specialist, Elizabeth Eggerts ( and she will invite you by sending you a direct link to join.  Click on the link, and you are member.

Once a member of the Gender and REDD+ Group, you can, at any time, post discussions, links, reports, videos, announcements, questions, etc. 
(Photo by: UN-REDD Programme, Panama)
For any questions and/or comments on these resources and tools please contact Elizabeth Eggerts, the UN-REDD Gender Specialist

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