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~Secured a loan for $792,800~

~ Pension Firm~

Business Finance Group (BFG) successfully arranged $792,800 in real estate acquisition financing for our client to relocate to Monrovia, CA from Pasadena, CA. Our client provides qualified retirement plan accounting and compliance services for small businesses.  To successfully fund, we had to address the following:
  1.       Ensure Timely Funding When Property Located
We pre-qualified our client so that they were prepared to successfully bid on and finance a property, when it was located.  We worked closely with our client and their commercial real estate broker to ensure a successful and timely funding, which we accomplished. We funded within 30 days after issuance of our letter of interest.

2.      Debt Repayment Not Evident from Historical Financial Results.

Historically, the business had reported small losses.  To over come this, we were able to demonstrate the owners could reduce their salaries when necessary to support loan debt repayment. 

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